Some time to wander and some time gagged

Mistress and I met in-world for a short time today so that she could collect another payment or two from my allowance list. She spent a bit of time pondering the various options, often teasing me with some of the more worrying interpretations or uses of items on the list, before settling on her decisions.

Meanwhile I asked if, assuming it was compatible with her choices, I could use up my one remaining wildcard that was on the list. Mistress permitted this and I asked if I could be locked in one of my dresses for a period of time of her choosing. She was more than happy to do this.

Mistress decided that her wildcard would be that I'd be gagged. But, rather than the usual period of just a few short hours she was going to lock it for 12 hours of in-world time. She also decided that the dress would be locked on for the same period of time.

Finally, she decided to collect on a payment of being being "standard" away from the workshop for 2 hours. Mistress found a spot on a road on a continent that I've not really explored yet and took me over. This time around, much to my relief, she decided not to employ the use of the Z&A Walkabout. This meant that I could take a far more leisurely wander around.

Given that it was time for Mistress to log off and head to RL bed we said out goodbyes and I headed off to explore, needing to make a decision right away.

This ended up being a fairly short wander so there wasn't quite as much exploring as when I've been banished or locked with the walkabout, but I did take a few photos along the way:

This wasn't an option given all forms of
TP were denied
After a while I decided to climb up the
nearby ridge and head for the
Found it!
On my way on one of my favourite routes
on the mainland
You can get wet in a
few spots
There's a few friendly rats along
the way
This thing weighed in with a land impact
of almost 300!
The blight of mainland roads
Eventually I hit the end (start?)
Having decided to go cross-country
again I'm glad I had good boots on
Still, if anything had happened,
there was a Doctor on hand...
Back on a road again
Surely the grid would be cheaper to run
if they didn't leave the lights on
all day. ;)
*twitch* *twitch* *twitch*
Around this point the 2 hours was up and I could head home again and get to work on today's Z&A business. For now though I'm still locked in the dress and I'm denied any form of outgoing IMs for many hours to come.

Generally people who I might converse with know and understand that this happens (many of them either get to "enjoy" the same treatment or are the ones handing out the treatment) so that's not so terrible. The hard part, as always, is those moments where you see someone being wrong on the Internet in some group chat or other and.... there's nothing you can do about it! ;)

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