Two root prims

Ever seen an object with two root prims? No? Here's one...

I'd linked together two smaller linksets to create the one object. I'd "dropped" the edit of them and then went to edit again. Both appeared not to have linked together. Only, they had. Both had the same (higher) LI count in the edit floater but both appeared to be different linksets with different roots.

And how did I fix it? I changed groups, moved my camera a bit, selected something else and then selected one of the problem objects again and...

Frustratingly when it was a "two root" object both of the original linksets could be moved on their own without apparently affecting the other. Further attempts to link them (again) made no difference. I've had this happen so many times before that I'm very careful about this now (although I still get caught out now and again -- last week this sort of mixup partially resulted in me deleting a build I'd been working on for a few hours; thankfully I had backups and could also restore from trash to last position).

This is a great example of why I wouldn't recommend the latest versions of Firestorm (or any other viewer that still contains this sort of interest list bug -- which I assume it is). Many of the other improvements make the later versions worth having but you have to be very vigilant while building as you're going to be fighting the viewer at times.

The viewer (and the region, depending on what's happening) will lie to you.

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