Stopped in my tracks

Given the time of year I'm having a little bit of a RL holiday, which consequently means I'm having lots of fun making more things in-world (if you hadn't guessed by now I find making things in-world incredibly rewarding and relaxing). So the past few days I've being fairly prolific.

And then, yesterday, unexpected RL things kept Mistress away. So, of course, I did what I always do when that happens: I fill the void by building something; anything.

Mistress was back today and, after we'd permed and packed this week's Z&A releases (which are in the shop now and will go up on the blog tomorrow) I ran her through what I'd being making and what I had in the works. After that she announced that she was going to collect on another item on my allowance payment list.

She decided that she rather liked the look of "20 hours locked on a vehicle" and she opted for the Z&A Quadcopter.

Only after she'd locked it and set the timer did I notice that she's configured it to deny far-touch. Suddenly I couldn't touch or edit anything that wasn't within 1.5m of me. I queried if that was what she intended and... it was!

Seems Mistress had decided that I'd been prolific enough this week and that it was time I paid a "real" payment. Normally being locked on a wearable vehicle like this is tricky enough as it makes some forms of product testing tricky. But now I can't actually finish the build I was working on when Mistress turned up (at least not until the 20 in-world hours are up) and I'll have to do some rather careful planning and moving of things when it comes to putting this week's releases in the shop.

It's a rather stark, if awesome, reminder that Mistress controls my world.

Oh, and I also needed a top-up of TPs so... one item came off the list and another went on.

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