Skater Bane

After a weekend of not seeing each other Mistress and I dipped in-world to deal with a couple of things and so that she could also collect another payment off the list.

After contemplating the options available Mistress decided to collect on me being in "Skater Bane" mode for 24 hours. So on went the latex, the skates and the Isolation Helmet...

and down came the darkness as Mistress locked it.

For the next 24 hours I'm locked in deep darkness and can't see my location, maps, avatar names or hover text on any in-world object. Also, while I can hold IM conversations, I can't start them. Only if a group chat is opened by someone else first, or someone IMs me first, can I natter away.

And the texture job I was starting on a build will have to wait until at least tomorrow. ;)

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