A ride on Corsica

Today Mistress and I got to spend a fair bit of time together in-world. Initially we met up in the house and had a little chat, deciding what to do. It was decided that now would be a good time to take the new bike (a Christmas gift from Miss Eve and Sue) for a proper spin.

First though we decided we were a little over-dressed for the occasion. So we changed into something a little more conventional and casual...

...and headed for the mainland. Mistress didn't want to go on any of the continents that I've covered lots of during my various banishments and walkabouts so she settled on Corsica.

When it comes to travelling by road this seems to be a pretty good bit of mainland to visit. The roads seem easy enough to follow and there are plenty of rez zones. Even better, every so often there are signs telling you how far it is to the next rez zone.

Unfortunately the roads there do suffer from the usual SL blight of bulling automated vehicles that won't stand for you going to slow or, worse, stopping for some sight-seeing.

More than once we got hassled and shoved about by one of these buses.

Along the way we, coincidentally, bumped into not one...

...but two...

...different places that had Z&A vehicle rezzers out for people to use. We were sort of temped to hop off the bike and carry the journey on using one of our own builds that was owned by someone else. In the end though we stuck with the bike and kept riding well after sunset.

I'm not sure how many regions we crossed but I think we went quite some way because, by the time we finished and TPd home I noticed I was getting rather low on walk top-up again and I'd only had a top-up of it the day before!

On top of this I also needed a top-up of TPs too. These two top-ups cost me the addition of  "Be locked in a public cage for 1 hour" and "Wear the punishment log for 2 hours". Mistress decided to collect the latter one right away.

So after saying goodnight to her I spent the next 2 hours only able to touch things within 1.5m of me -- which meant I had to put the build I'd been working on aside for the duration.

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