VT oh so stylish dance

Yesterday afternoon Miss Eve was the DJ for a couple of hours of music, with a theme of "oh so stylish". I found that easy enough and found and got into an outfit in about 2 minutes. Mistress, took a little longer (about 3 hours and more trips to shops than I care to count). We made it in the end though:


VT anything but black dance

Last Wednesday afternoon Purple was the DJ for a "anything but black" dance at VT. While I wasn't happy about this idea, I did my best to embrace the theme, albeit with a little hint of black here and there...


VT all that glitters dance

Yesterday afternoon Miss Eve was the DJ at VT for a "all that glitters" dance. The idea was to dress in something shiny, or with sparkles, etc. Also, because it was apparently international fetish day, something kinky or fetish was an option. I kind of went with both.


VT clowns dance

Yesterday afternoon Purple was the DJ at VT for a dance themed around clowns. Mistress and I had to go clown about, obviously.


VT fortunes dance

Last Monday was an unusual one in that Miss Eve was doing another set at VT. We don't normally go out dancing on a Monday, but given Miss Eve was DJing...