VT surreal dance

Yesterday's dance, with Purple DJing, was themed "Surreal". RL circumstances meant that Mistress and I had to sort our costumes a bit last-moment and, while VT dances are always cool with people turning up "as is", we do like to try and make some effort. Being stuck for what to do I suggested that, perhaps, we revisit/reuse the "twins" costumes we did a little earlier this year (and which we half revisited a little while later). Mistress liked the idea but decided to do it with a new twist. Rather than going as twin Anna we should go as.... twin Toni!

And so we did.

When I wasn't camming myself camming myself I let my camera wander around the others dancing around us. You can see all the photos over on imgur.


VT time travellers dance

VT acquired a new dance set yesterday and use of it kicked off with Miss Eve DJing a party with the theme of time travel. There was only one real set of outfits Mistress and I could go for. I got on one of my Doctor outfits (Mistress' favourite) and she went full kissogram Amy Pond (albeit with a US police uniform rather than the UK one).

Obviously, as I normally do, while there, I pointed my camera at those around us. You can see an album of these images over on imgur.

As for how our night finished off. Well, never let it be said that Mistress doesn't have a serious Doctor Who fetish...


VT wet and wild dance

Yesterday's VT dance, with Purple providing the music, had no specific theme for outfits; although there was the suggestion that people might like to wear clothing that they wouldn't mind getting wet. Given that idea, Mistress went for a seriously cute bikini and I went with... I suppose you could call it a mac of some description. It was waterproof anyway.

It wasn't all just photos of us, of course. I grabbed photos of those dancing around us too; you can see them all over on imgur.


VT swinging and bopping dance

Sadly, for RL reasons, Mistress and I missed Purple's return to the Wednesday slot at VT. This week though we made sure we got over there. The theme was "Swinging and Bopping" so we did our best to dress appropriately, which included Mistress making me up a dress in about 1/2 hour (but I won't mention the accidental application of a spec map to our bed rather than the dress incident...) which, I think, was perfect for me.

Once done, with matching yet nicely-differing outfits sorted, we headed over.

As normal, while dancing, I let my camera wander the room and capture photos of those around us. You can see them all over in an album on imgur.