Firestorm's RLV Restriction Window

I'm still giving Firestorm a try and am using it pretty much every day. I've found a couple of problems, the odd bug and the like, and have made a point of reporting them. There's one or two things at the moment that get in the way and require that I drop back into Phoenix but, mostly, I'm getting used to Firestorm and, in some places, prefer it.

I'm still finding the odd new touch that impresses me. For example, just now, I was checking the RLV restriction list (Advanced >> RLVa >> Restrictions... in Phoenix and Firestorm). In Phoenix this has the restrictions and exceptions all mixed in. While it doesn't make the list useless (far from it, it's been a very useful debug tool in the past) it does mean you don't always see what you need to see at first glance. Firestorm has solved that problem rather well. Restrictions and exceptions have been placed in different lists:

I can also see that "Copy to Clipboard" button being very handy at times, especially when you're helping someone else out with RLV issues. Well played Phoenix/Firestorm developers!

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