VT sweet, sweet candy dance

Yesterday's VT dance, with Purple DJing, was themed for all things sweet and sickly and candy-based and.... sweetness overload, really. Mistress had the perfect outfit for that so her choice was simple enough; she then decided that it wouldn't be on for me to outdo her in the sweetness stakes so I was pushed a little in a different direction (that also included a nod to one of our favourite games).

As usual, I let my camera roam around the dance build; you can see all the photos I took over on imgur.


In the dark

There are sometimes days where I won't be in-world much, but might get the chance to drop in from time to time; times where Mistress will be in a fair bit more. Today was one of those days. Sometimes, when such days happen, she'll make sure that my in-world time is "awkward". This is a nice reminder that I should really be off elsewhere, doing other things, but it's also a wonderful reminder of who's in charge.

Today was such a day. After greeting her in the morning and chatting for a bit it was time for me to head off and do things in RL. This resulted in her packing me off to my cell.

Of course, once in there, and before logging off, I had the urge to get a little cheeky. That didn't end so well. Before I knew it I was hogtied, leashed to the radiator and blindfolded!

The blindfold being the sort that places a HUD over the screen to obscure almost everything (details only being revealed for photos like you seen in this post). The only thing in this scenario that had a timer was the cell, and I couldn't see what that was set to. It didn't really matter what the timer was set to because, even when it counted down and the door opened, I wouldn't be able to leave the cell because of the leash.

The couple of chances I had to drop back in-world during the day were spent like this, locked in the cell.

If I was very lucky Mistress would pop and visit me.

Eventually, this evening, I was free to be back in-world again. Before Mistress was back the timer on the cell ran down and the door opened and.... as mentioned above, I was left stuck.

In this state all I could do was wait for her to come home again. My screen was obscured by the blindfold, I had no ability to see maps or text, neither could I see anyone's names; as people came and went from the region I had no idea who they were.

Eventually Mistress came home and dragged me up to her office, leashing me up there while we worked on something together.

As of the time of writing she's had to pop off to RL for a short while (and so I'm carrying out the task of writing about this) but, before doing so, she was kind enough to finally let me out of the hogtie.

Now I get to kneel patiently, waiting for her return.

Only, aside from in the odd photo, I still can't see much. While Mistress has been kind enough to make the blindfold thinner, I still can't see that much around me...

...and she's given no indication that the situation will change any time soon!


VT sexy bunnies dance

Yesterday's dance at VT, with Miss Eve as the DJ, was unsurprisingly bunny-themed; the theme this time being "sexy bunnies". Due to RL constraints Mistress and I didn't have that much time to work on outfits but I think we came up with a very "us" combination (and I think it's fair to say that my outfit was a little more positive in its outlook than last year's).

While there I let my camera hop around the dance floor, catching photos of everyone else. You can find them in an album over on imgur.


VT anarchy dance

Yesterday's dance at VT, with Purple as the DJ, has a bit of an anarchy theme, with an emphasis on things punkish, alternative, shady and perhaps even a little bit illegal. Mistress and I decided to punk it up a little and go dancing.

While there I let my camera wander, as usual, and took photos of those around us. You can see them all in an album over on imgur.


A switchy day

Anyone who reads this blog, knows Mistress and I or has read our profiles will know we switch now and again. We very much lean towards her being in charge most of the time, and the times when I take charge tend to be fairly short and intense (normally a couple of days or so), but switching does happen.

Such a switch event happened this morning. The exact details of how it came about aren't that important, but what matters is that something happened that had Anna slipping heavily into sub mode and me taking charge/ That very quickly resulted in her being told what to wear, cuffed and leashed.

From that point on the day was mapped. My girl wanted to do some work on a build she's working on so I took her to a sandbox, made her nice and secure, and sat down with a nice cuppa to watch her and offer help when needed.

Normally, when I get the upper hand, I tend to keep it until the next time we head to an event that would require she's in charge again. The next such event for us is likely Wednesday so it was obvious I'd stay in control, keep her bound and in submission, until then. I was rather looking forward to this.

That was, until we got back from a little trip out shopping, and we're set in my office chatting away.

As normal we were both talking on Skype while we were doing things in-world and, somehow, Mistress managed to use her powers of persuasion to convince me that I actually didn't want to be in charge. Not that she didn't want to submit, but that I had a greater need to submit to her. I resisted, I really resisted, but no amount of trying to ignore her words and her tone had any effect.

Before I knew it I was back on my knees, all her restrictions were removed and restraints unlocked, and I was dragged to her office, told what to wear and I had my cuffs slapped on me. After spending some more time assisting her with a build I was dragged back home and thrown in my cell, unable to see the timer.

Then, before she needed to head off for an hour or two, I was set a specific task. "Sweetie, I suggest you write a blog post about how you were unable to remain dominant".

Hopefully this blog post satisfies Mistress' request. I even did it without using the photo of her locked naked in a Raven Park public cell! (because the vague threats she made about what would happen if I did even terrified me)


VT film noir dance

Yesterday's VT dance, with Miss Eve as the DJ, was themed for "Film Noir". Mistress and I decided to with with fairly smart (well, I say fairly smart, I was fairly smart and she was stunning) outfits and a massive supply of cigarettes.

As usual, I let my camera wander around the room and I took photos of everyone else there. You can find them in an album over on imgur.