Mad sub in a blue box

It started a couple of weeks ago. Miss Eve mentioned that a mid-week dance over at The Velvet Thorn was going to be science fiction themed. Normally I don't do the whole party/dance thing in Second Life. It's not that I don't think they're worth doing, or worth attending -- I see that plenty of people get lots of enjoyment from them and I used to attend them fairly often with Miss Vila -- it's just that I generally struggle with busy locations and generally being sociable in large groups. I think it's entirely fair to put me under the "introvert" heading.

But... science fiction. How could I not? That's enough to drag me out of the workshop for a couple of hours and enjoy some costumed showing off.

A handful of possible outfits came to mind right away, with some Firefly goodness going right to the top of the list, but things took a twist while talking to Miss Eve and Squishy (her sub). Being kind of shy about large public groups (see above) I joked that, perhaps, I should come as the TARDIS. The reply of "you should!" came so quick that I'm sure it was typed before I'd even hit send.

And, so, what was a joking remark turned into this:

The main prim work is, of course, the Z&A Police Box Cell, stripped of all the cell code and with different code added. I coded it so that it would slowly spin when walking, hovering, flying and falling and so that it spins faster if running.

I also coded it up so that, when I teleport anywhere, the whole thing becomes invisible (I'm wearing an all-over alpha so only the box is visible anyway) and it then fades in while playing the famous TARDIS arrival noise:

Although no part of it is designed to be a restraint in any way, I did employ a little bit of RLV too. Just for extra fun I used RLV to redirect all my public chat via some code that would randomly set my "name" and then say what I was saying. The name is picked from a list of nicknames for The Doctor and other Who-related things.

It's the first time I've ever built an avatar, so to speak (ignoring the fact that I made my usual shape and, of course, selected my hair, skin, eyes, etc, over various shopping trips), and it was quite a lot of fun.

On top of all of this, Z&A ended up "sponsoring" the dance by way of creating a custom build for it and giving it as a gift to anyone who attended. This in turn inspired me to create a small new range of builds for Z&A. These should hit the main store and the marketplace in the next couple of weeks.

I love it when one simple remark can result in all sorts of outcomes...


llGetAgentList has arrived on sim

We've just had a rolling restart here at Raven Park and it seems one change is that our server software now supports llGetAgentList(). So I just gave it a quick test:

Works a treat too, so far. Now to have a think of some uses for this -- other than the obvious ones, of course. ;-)