VT fabulous frocks dance

A new dance area appeared at VT yesterday afternoon and Miss Eve kicked off the new week of dances with a "fabulous frocks" set. So, of course, Mistress put on an amazing dress and... made me wear trousers!!!

If you'd like to see what others were wearing you can find an album of images over on Google Photos.


VT space ball

Yesterday afternoon VT kicked off a new week of themed dances with a brand new SciFi set built by Miss Eve. The first dance also had Miss Eve as the DJ and the theme was... well, space SciFi things. This was a problem for me. So many choices. SO MANY CHOICES!

One problem I did have was the fact that my absolute favourite outfit -- a Malcom Reynolds costume -- was looking very dated. All system layers and flexi prims. With nothing on the SL Marketplace to replace it there was no way I could go with my favourite character.

Until, that is, Mistress stepped in. She grabbed a full-perm mesh outfit and opened up her image editing software and, a couple of hours later, I was sorted! (I'm seriously amazed at what she managed to make in such a small space of time -- I'm going to nag her to add it to her shop; it's a great role play outfit, just like her convict dresses).

So, off to dancing we went, as Mal and Inara...

While dancing I did spend some time flying my camera around the room, taking photos of those around us. You can see the results over on Google Photos.


VT spring dance

Yesterday afternoon Purple was on DJ duty at VT, where the last dance of the week in the current built by Miss Eve was themed around things spring-like. So Mistress and I did flowers and light colours (well, I did flowers, she did light colours) and went to enjoy the pollen...

While dancing I let my camera roam around the lawn and I captured photos of those dancing around us. You can find those images over on Google Photos.


VT rampant rabbits dance

Given that it's zombie rabbit chocolate god weekend (or something like that, I tend to lose track of these sorts of things) VT's new week of dances went all rabbit-themed with a "Rampant Rabbits" dress code. Mistress and I had a good go at doing our own take on this; I think we did pretty well.

While dancing with Mistress, I let me camera fly around the garden and grab images of those around us. You can find those photos over on Google Photos.