VT changes dance

Yesterday afternoon, after a lot of RL-busy days, Mistress and I finally got back into SL for a good few hours and got to head over to VT for the "Changes" dance. The idea for the theme was easy enough, wear something new. So we did.

VT Xmas dance

Just over a week ago now (RL has been slightly busy for us, hence the late post -- I'm told it's been busy for most people actually!) Mistress and I attended the VT Xmas dance. Although a couple of other dances had been related to the theme, this one was about dressing up like you meant it. So we did.


VT bah humbug dance

Yesterday afternoon Purple was the DJ at VT for a "bah humbug" dance. The idea was to do something with a festive theme, but make it a little outrageous, or ugly, or something. Mistress and I went for outrageous...


VT frosty formal

Yesterday afternoon Miss Eve was the DJ at VT for a "frosty formal" dance. Mistress and I got all smart and cosy and went and had a fun couple of hours dancing.

Pretty cunning, don'cha think?