Demo day

It's was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing but today turned into a demo day for Mistress and I. Well, I say Mistress and I.... for Mistress. I'm still locked in the Think Kink ISO suit with no hope of release until Sunday so it was a demo day for Mistress and I was tagging along.

Mistress was rather keen to have a look at the new fitted mesh body from Maitreya. This is the first one we've seen that looked like it had a reasonable shape and would be a good match for her. So, with no other plans for the day, a demo-trying session seemed like a great idea.

Before going there was a little bit of debate about if I should go with her or not given my current outfit; especially given visible cuffs and collar. Mistress did entertain the idea of removing the cuffs but the collar is never coming off so... Even though it's a General region I was really wearing nothing more than a spacesuit so we decided to go with it.

We needn't have worried really. We landed next to a woman all decked out with cuffs and collar and chained up. But that was nothing compared to when we got to the body vendor...

While the vendor image itself likely sails a little close to the wind when it comes to interpretation of "no nudity" for General regions, it was the avatars around it that were most interesting. We counted at least 4 people stood there, naked in demo bodies, posed to best show off that this is a fairly anatomically correct body.

So, yeah, I think I was likely the most PG thing on the region at that point. ;)

Anyway, Mistress picked the demo up and we then headed off to a few other shops and grabbed demos for other things she wanted to try. I'll skip all the actual demo-trying stuff, partly because I doubt anyone really cares about our conclusions on the pros and cons of mesh bodies, but mostly because any photos of the event, posted here, would get me in serious trouble.

And I have a knack for that. Especially thanks to the ISO suit. At one point I thanked Mistress for something and that came out as "Ghag you Miff". Mistress took that to mean that I was saying she should be gagged, at which point she found a very accessible button in the suit's menu...

Seems the suit is well equipped with painful shock pads placed in interesting places.

I'll have to be a little more careful about what I say in future.

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