Dark Wishes Christmas dance

Little late with this one because of RL issues. However, last Sunday Mistress and I popped over to the Dark Wishes Christmas dance. Our friendly Drow was DJing and the theme was.... well, Christmas, obviously. So Mistress and I did our Xmas/skimpy thing and off we went.

While dancing I did my usual thing of catching images of those around us. You can see them all over in an album on imgur.


VT ugly Christmas jumper dance

VT's winter-based dances carried on yesterday afternoon with a theme revolving around ugly Christmas jumpers. The music, supplied by Miss Eve, was a two hour collection of one-hit wonders (although I would dispute one or two of the choices as being part of that category -- not that it'd do any good because the DJ's decision is final and, well, you know, Femdom and all that).

I'm not sure Mistress and I quite got the "ugly" part sorted.... but we did go with jumpers that were sort of Christmas-based...

In case you wanted to see more festive jumpers you can see photos of those around us over in an album on imgur.


VT ice queens dance

VT's winter-themed dances continued yesterday, with Miss Eve DJing a set themed on "ice queens". Mistress went with a wonderfully elegant white dress and blueish hair and I went... well, apparently as some suitably attired accessory (which was nice).

My camera did slide around the ice and take in a view of those around us. You can find all of those photos in an album over on imgur.


VT slippery dance

Yesterday's dance at VT, with Purple as the DJ, was themed as "Slippery". Given that it was still in the winter scene dance set Mistress and I were at first unsure what to do; then she had the brilliant idea of us slapping on some tight latex, a helmet, and going as a bobsleigh team!

While Mistress' latex-clad body did hold my attention, I did allow my camera to wander the dance floor a little so I could take photos of those around us. You can find them all in an album over on imgur.