Out of the boots

Earlier today Mistress and I met up in-world so that she could unlock my corset and boots.

After a good few days locked in them, and especially with the game HUD popping up very frequently, not having them on has felt rather odd. Although I do welcome the ability to get around at a normal pace.

Once unlocked I got changed into something a little more "normal" and we made a brief return visit to the Geeks'n'Nerds fair. There was a particular item Mistress had seen there during our last visit that she was adamant I have as my outfit for this weekend's Raven Park dance (the theme should be announced on the Z&A blog tomorrow).

While over there, after the little bit of shopping had been taken care of, she was very distracted by something that was very her...

Black cupcakes! Anyone who read my post about our visit to Sad November will know how much of a thing Mistress has for cupcakes and these.... Goth cupcakes! Much to her disappointment though they didn't give out a cupcake to eat.

I don't know if missing out on a cupcake set the tone for what came next, but something unexpected happened when we got home. After getting home Mistress sat in her chair by the fire and motioned me to kneel for her.

She then informed me which item off my allowance payment list was coming next. She'd finally decided to collect one that's been on the list longest, and which I've not been looking forward to at all.

No amount of begging got her to change her mind.

She matter-of-factly attached my leash and marched me to the Pod Prison in the Mansion.

...ordered me into my prison suit...

...and locked me in one of the pods in the main Pod Prison room.

And that was me for the next 5 hours, on display yet totally isolated from the rest of the world. No access to inventory or anything like that and denied incoming and outgoing IMs.

Eventually though I did my 5 hours and the pod set me free again.

...and, after that, for this evening at least, I'm free of anything other than my usual restrictions.

I also need to give some thought to my wildcard payments. Mistress suggested that it was time to collect on at least one of them and that I need to think about my suggestion for it.

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