Out of the tkISO suit

Mistress and I met briefly in-world today so that she could let me out of the tkISO suit that I've been locked in since Christmas Day.

It's been a fascinating 3 days locked in it. While I know that 3 days won't seem like a long time to some, and the few restrictions it applied will seem easy to some as well, it had quite an impact on me. As you might imagine, given that a lot of my time in-world is spent creating things rather than off playing or socialising, any change to my environment can have a profound effect on how I work. This suit did, without a doubt.

The first evening locked in it saw me not really getting anything done in-world. I dealt with a lot of Z&A admin and generally pottered around with other things. My initial reaction of "there's no way I can get things done in this!" still with me from when the suit was locked and Mistress informed me that it wasn't being unlocked.

The following day I started to try and work on builds. At first there was a fair bit of frustration, especially given the narrower field of view, but after a while I started to get used to it. I even started to get used to the murky/foggy environment too. Not that I didn't notice it, I did; but it was a constant and almost comforting reminder of the fact that Mistress had total control, even when she wasn't there.

By last night I was almost building like normal and got quite a bit of work done. So, even in 3 short days, I'd become accustomed to the world I'd been locked in. I was almost a little afraid of it being unlocked, knowing it would feel odd.

Eventually it was time to unlock it. Actually, Mistress had set the timer 3 days ago and she went to check on its progress. Oddly it was still showing as there being 3 days left (as it read to her) which was a little confusing and worrying. It could be that we'd misread how the timer works so we'll have to do a shorter test at some point to be sure. Anyway, ignoring that for now, Mistress asked if I was prepared and...

...I was unlocked. Even though I was ready for it it was still a little jarring. The change in windlight as well as the "loss" of the vision-restricting HUD made more of a difference than I'd been expecting. Once I'd got used to the change I swapped to more normal clothing.

Mistress decided that she wouldn't collect another payment off the list today, letting me be "free" for the evening (which works out well for me as I'm readying some new Z&A releases for this week and am working on another couple or so for the week after).

Since I said goodnight to Mistress and tucked her up in bed it's felt really strange, being free to do as I "wish" (within reason, obviously, I'm still under 24/7 allowance control, etc...), to have full use of my screen and to be able to enjoy the Linden sunrises and sunsets.

The tkISO suit is, without a doubt, a welcome addition to my #RLV folder and will work rather well alongside the various Z&A hoods and helmets when it comes to isolation and environment control. I'm pretty sure that Mistress is rather taken by it too.

She's already said it'll be going into the list in the Punishment Picker as an item in its own right.

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