Knowing when your region has restarted

Often I'll be in-world when a rolling restart comes around. When this happens I'll generally TP away (usually to Z&A's "head office" -- a little 512 plot we have where we keep backup magic boxen and the like). Once there it's always been a case of either checking the map (not reliable at all), attempting to get landmark information (also not reliable) or attempting to TP home (fails: not back up, works: back up) so as to find out if the home sim is back.

None of them are the smartest solutions. So, a few months back, I realised that the simplest solution was to rez a prim (in this case in the Z&A workshop), throw it on the "gadget self" and have it detect when the sim is back and IM me. The code is simple enough:

As you can see, I've also made it so that a touch tells the last restart detected.

The handy thing about this is that I have offline IMs going to email so if the sim gets a restart when I'm not in-world I'll also get to know about it.


A quick fly around ZEXPO 2011

I'm just having a quick fly around ZEXPO 2011 (as part of Z&A I'm one of the exhibitors there) and already I'm finding some fun things. For example, as a kid, many times, I got to climb on the lions, but I never got the chance to do this:

And how neat is the DLF build? A scale model of their Femdom!

It's a building I know well from the first Femdom Hunt, having got stuck there for a while (in the best possible way).

I guess Elephant football makes a bit of a change from subbie football (although I guess you could combine the two):

I also see that the Femdom Community in SL is represented here:

and that they have some sort of naughty chair thing going on:

I wonder who could have built the chair. ;-)

And, of course, Shackles is represented at ZEXPO because Miss Vila and I built a version of The Femdom Cafe:

As I say, this was just a quick fly around. I've not even scratched the surface of the place. Hopefully I'll get some time next week to come and explore some more with Miss Vila. I'd recommend you pop over and have a good look around. And don't leave it too late, there's only 10 days to explore...


They're Here!

So, by the looks of things, today's server upgrade has brought mega support to the main grid. Which means self-made "megas" up to 64m on the longest side.

Awesome. :)



I've just been taking a new photo of the Z&A main store. The website has had a picture of the old one up for some time so I decided it was time to update it.

Here it is:


New Sun deck

Earlier today Miss Vila and myself put out a new Sun deck on the edge of the bay at the northern end of Raven Park. We've had a deck out there for quite some time but it had been a temporary build until we either made, or found, something more suitable.

Here's what we now have:

We've equipped with with a two seats. One the Z&A Productions Outdoor Chair:

the other the Sun Lounge Cage. Both the chair and the lounge have tables (which a sub can hold for you), one of which has been equipped with the all-important tray of drinks.

You'll also find a Shackles/Raven Park leash post on the deck, should you need to stop a sub, slave or pony from wandering off.


Sea of Yellow

The original co-owners of the sim known as Shackles have had to move on, meaning that half the sim is now up for rent. It looks odd, seeing Shackles, Raven Park and Z&A up against that sea of yellow:

If you know anyone who fancies living nextdoor to a friendly Femdom/BDSM hangout, do let them know. We make very good neighbours. And Z&A will be right on your doorstep. ;-)