A visit to Gothmas by Gaslight

As was originally planned yesterday, today Mistress and I headed over to Gothmas by Gaslight. Before we did go though there was the small matter of me needing to be unlocked from the hobble and cuffs...

...and given snow was obviously expected Mistress needed to throw on something warm.

Once all set we headed over. The build looked pretty impressive and, for once, it was one of those places with a windlight setting that didn't need nuking by setting to midday because it really added to the atmosphere (too many events seem to have horrible region windlight, either far too dark for the build or nuclear-blast-bright).

We had gone over expecting to spend quite a bit of money but, as it was, that really didn't happen. Surprisingly we found that most of what we could find over there really wasn't to our taste, and one or two shops seemed very confusing or lacking in content. Although the shop with nothing but two goats in it did amuse.

After a lot of wandering around the shops we decided to have a bit of a break, taking a seat on a bench that had been provided. That didn't go so well as it appeared that the pose positions really hadn't been match to the bench, much to our amusement.

Giving up on the bench we carried on wandering (having had to also run away from a region restart -- thankfully there's two regions and the other was an RC region so no restarts today (or this week for that matter)) and appreciating the feel and the look of the build in general.

Eventually though it was getting rather late for Mistress so, not having taken it all in, we made a note of where we'd got to...

...and headed back home. Once home I needed to request a top-up for TPs. The payment that earned me was "Wear a vehicle (and outfit) of your Domme’s choice for 20 hours". One of Mistress' favourites and she was delighted to see it come out (and she was also delighted at the time too -- 20 hours of in-world time isn't exactly trivial). So this means I can look forward to being locked on the Z&A Quadcopter or one of my hover bikes for a good couple or more days at some point in the near future.

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