Back on my knees

Today Miss Vila and I had a day off from the build we're working on and went for a wander around a couple of other Femdom locations. We ended up having a nice walk around Beaumont Manor (I wanted to show Miss a custom build I did for that location -- if you're ever there look for the water wheel) and, in doing so, ended up in the tavern there.

I found out, while there, that Miss had never played a game of Othello. So I decided I'd show her how to play. As it was, the owner of Beaumont happened to turn up at that point and she gave Miss a quick introduction while I waited and watched.

After that I had a couple of games with Miss. And I won both games. I was warned not to go easy on her, that I'd be in trouble if I let her win. As it was I won both games very convincingly. And, apparently, I was rather smug about it too. So the next thing I know my hands and legs are cuffed together and I'm told I'm going to have to go around on my knees for a while, as a reminder not to be so cocky.

A word of advice to anyone else who finds themselves in that position: don't, whatever you do, try and get out of it by pointing out that going around on your knees will scuff your shoes and put holes in your pants. If you do this happens:

Somehow I find this more humiliating than if I was left completely naked.

Thankfully the restrictions aren't too terrible. In this state I'm denied fly and the ability to sit on anything unless I'm very close. This does mean, again, that it's slow going to get anywhere.

Could be worse.

It has been worse. ;)



The current build that Miss Vila and I are working on is coming along nicely. We're not rushing it, there's no hard and fast deadline, so we're enjoying it and having fun experimenting.

Today we finished making some mesh stairs. As we've being doing with other projects we made the build with prims and then turned it onto mesh with mesh studio. We think these have turned out rather well. They perfectly fit the space they're intended for and have exactly the look we wanted.

I didn't count the prims, but there must be the best part of 100 involved. And the final result is an object with a land impact if 9.

So, that's the stairs done. Now for the next bit of the build...


Back to my old self

Almost three weeks on from being turned into her pony boy and I'm back to my old self again. Of course, it wasn't straightforward. I got taken over to The Forum and set a task. I had to do a barrel race and complete it in under a time Miss decided. Failure to do so meant that I'd be left in the pony gear. Now, while I actually rather enjoy being in the pony gear, it was pointed out to me that she'd be extra annoyed if I failed because a) we've got stuff to be doing and having me as a pony is a bit of an impediment and b) she'd sooner dance with her boy while he's wearing something smart.

It took a while, possibly the best part of an hour, but I eventually managed to get under the time. Afterwards I had all the pony gear removed and even got to have a quick bath.

As of now I'm permitted to wear whatever I choose, although I am locked back in my usual cuffs. And, of course, I'm now controlled full time by the Sub-Allowance.

I can't help but wonder how long this degree of freedom will last. Based on how life has been since I was collared again I'm guessing not very long...


Hard hat area

Miss is in building mode again. This will be her biggest build yet. Of course, the first thing she did once we'd finalised the plans for this new build was.... go shopping on the marketplace for a new set of overalls.

Seems I don't get a hard hat...


Friday on Raven Park

After getting a new Z&A product out for sale, just hanging out with Miss Vila. Perfect.

And, yes, the new product is now locked on me by her. For good, I imagine.


Went for a spin

A little earlier today Miss Vila decided I should take her for a spin over on the mainland, using the Z&A Pipe Trap. Given that Zindra was out of the question (seriously, why's it so hard to find rez zones on Zindra?) she decided we'd do some of the routes near and around Frilly Filly Farm. However, being mainland, she thought I should cover up a little more.

Of course, she had me cover up in a way that made sense for her pony:

(don't ask how the mittens allow for me holding the cart -- it's SL!)

Sadly the region crossings were pretty brutal for both of us today so we ended up cutting it short and heading back home and wandering around Raven Park instead.


Miss Vila's pets

Yesterday Miss Vila decided to take a ride around some of The Forum. Of course, she took all her pets. Lethal, her pet crow. Fatal, her horse. And me, of course.

It might not be obvious, but Lethal is sat on her right shoulder.


Spending some time outdoors

After spending quite a while taking it slow thanks to Miss Vila's latex sack, I was eventually released in time to get everything ready for the Z&A Productions birthday party. Since then I've been free of most restrictions (aside from an ongoing test of a build that I'll eventually release, if Miss ever actually unlocks it).

Until today.

Today I was dragged out to the pony area on Raven Park and ordered to strip. At which point I was presented with my pony gear, which I've not seen in almost three years. So, as of now, this is me:

I'm gagged by the head harness, of course (although permitted IMs -- it's kind of hard to run a business without IMs), and locked in the boots and mittens. Thankfully the restrictions are pretty light, but that's offset by the fact that I have to go everywhere near-naked, walking in a pony walk, and have to communicate using a pony HUD.

Oh, and I'm currently banished from the house (which, I've not mentioned yet, has moved -- that might make up a blog post soon). While I am allowed anywhere on the region and am allowed to work in the Z&A workshop I have to log out of, and back into, the stable:

This is to be my "home" until.... well, that's the thing, I don't know until when. The last time Miss turned me into her ponyboy it lasted a couple of weeks. These days her restrictions seem to last a little longer so I'm making no guesses.