VT Chinese New Year dance

Yesterday VT celebrated Chinese New year with a themed dance. Mistress and I took the chance to wear something inspired by Chinese dress and went... well, dancing, of course.

Mistress does like to show her shoes off! :D

See what I mean?

Apparently complaining about being sent to the kitchen for more
wine while the Hanoi Rocks are playing is not the done
thing and deserves punishment!

When we got home the gag wasn't coming off! As of the time of writing it's still attached!

As for all the other photos from the dance... of course they exist too. You can find them all in an album over on imgur.


VT fetishy frolics dance

Yesterday's VT dance was themed as "fetishy frolics". The idea was to wear something to show off your fetish. As much as I tried to work out how to do it, I couldn't figure a sensible way of going dancing with Mistress while naked and hogtied in a cell of some description; so I went with something more bondage-related instead. ;)

While dancing I, obviously, let my camera wander and take in all the kinky goodness around us. You can find those photos over on imgur.


VT rock and raunch dance

Yesterday afternoon, as part of VT's ongoing 9th anniversary celebrations, Miss Eve was DJing an extra set and this time the theme was rock and metal and the like. So Mistress and I threw on the leathers and went and did some dainty moshing...

While dancing, I let my camera roam and grab photos of the headbangers around us. You can see those photos in an album over on imgur.


VT purple pervs party

Yesterday afternoon VT kicked off a week of celebration of its 9th anniversary with a dance to help celebrate International Fetish Day. The idea was to dress in something purple. Mistress and I managed to do that in our own special ways.

As well as photos of Mistress and myself, I also grabbed images of the purple fetishness around us. You can see them all in an album over on imgur.