VT horror movies dance

Yesterday afternoon VT held a dance whose theme was things related to horror movies. Miss Eve was the DJ. Mistress was a clown. I was a horror/action character. It was all kinds of fun and a nice little break from the first day of running The Femdom Hunt VII.

A full album of images from the dance can be found over on Google Photos.


VT hunter and prey dance

Yesterday afternoon VT held a dance themed "hunter and prey". Purple was having some serious Internet connection issues so Miss Eve took over his usual DJ slot. Mistress and I found that we were struggling to come up with outfits that fit the theme, until, suddenly, we had an idea....



VT boots and corsets dance

Yesterday afternoon VT held a "boots and corset" dance, with Purple as the DJ. Boots and corset.... Mistress and I could just about manage that...