Ballet boots

Today, after a bit of Z&A work, Mistress and I met up so that she could look at knocking something else off the allowance payment list. Before she did though I showed her one of my other purchases from the other day. Also from Goth1c0, it's a male-sized/shaped corset piercing:

Mistress has a thing for piercings, often wearing some of her own, and I'm not adverse to them either (otherwise I wouldn't have made this, this, this or these) and I've been toying with the idea of getting something for me that's very her. I think I finally found it.

I did comment that I was really happy with them but I wasn't sure when I'd wear them; I was told "any time you're topless". So that's that sorted.

Anyway, after Mistress gave that purchase her seal of approval she directed me to change into my recently-purchased dress and the KaS ballet boots and corset, having decided that the payment of me being locked in them for 5 days was next up.

They're locked on and chained together such that I can only walk slowly and with a rather attention-grabbing animation to the walk -- you can't go somewhere and not be noticed if you're wearing them. Mistress also enabled the game that goes with them too. It's actually simple enough to play but not so obvious to describe. Simply put though, every so often a HUD pops up with a memory puzzle that you have to play. Get it right and you do a little victory dance (really, a victory dance). Get it wrong and you fall over. While the HUD's visible you can't move.

The game itself doesn't really punish you or make life hard or anything (other than not being able to move until you play or let it time out) but it has this fascinating effect of making you want to play along. It's hard to ignore. It's even harder to ignore given that you can take part in a grid-wide league and you can see the top 10 at any time. The top 10 seems to be made up of players this week (I'm not sure if it's "the last 7 days" or "this week starting Sunday/Monday") so it's pretty easy to get in low down -- at least it has been for me this evening. When Mistress first locked the boots I went straight in at #9, with nobody at #10. There's now someone in every position in the top 10 and I'm currently #6.

So, anyway, this is me until Sunday. Actually more likely Monday given that this weekend is another one of those where Mistress and I don't see each other.

Thankfully she says she really likes my outfit. That makes it all worthwhile.

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