A visit to C88 and a yoke

All too often Mistress and I miss out on Collabor88. We never try and get there when it opens, or even in the first week, or even the first couple of weeks. Quite sensibly we tend to wait more towards the end so there's no problems getting in. And then, all too often, we forgot until it's far too late.

Given that this month's theme was very much one Mistress wanted to check out we made a point of going, and we got over there today.

First off though there was the small matter of my ankles being chained together. She'd decided that I'd be just fine in my outfit but perhaps the ankle chain was a little much. So, for the the duration of the shopping trip, I was permitted to walk normally...

We had a really good shopping trip while over there too. Unusually I came away empty-handed but we did buy a rather nice daybed type thing that is perfect in our house and might also find a spot in the Raven Park Mansion.

We also found a rather neat bar kind of thing that we almost purchased...

...but, sadly, it didn't appear to actually give out drinks, much to Mistress' obvious dismay.

Kind of a shame really because some of the poses in it were rather good.

As well as a couple of smaller purchases for around the house Mistress also picked up a whole load of demos, so I imagine tomorrow will be demo-testing (something I always enjoy helping out with).

When we got back home we put out the sofa/bed/thing, which rather nicely matched the house (although we both agreed needs a rather nice rug under it)...

...and then I needed to ask for a top-up of my teleports as I'd totally run out during the trip out. That didn't go so well for me. My list had been getting nicely short again after the recent large backlog but this time I touched the punishment picker and got a subbie wildcard; this means I get to pick my own payment when that one gets used but I also have to touch the punishment picker 3 more times! The three further touches got me an hour in a bane suit (much to Mistress' annoyance -- 1 hour is far too low for her taste), 2 hours blindfolded combined with 6 hours gagged and finally 8 hours locked in a yoke!

Mistress decided to collect on the yoke payment right away.

So, this is me this evening, with my ankles locked back together (so I can only walk slowly) and with the yoke locked on for 8 hours (meaning I can't touch anything more than 1.5m away -- which also means I pretty much can't build for the evening).

If I do much this evening it'll either be scripting or admin tasks. ;)

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