VT bondage bunnies dance

Last Friday afternoon the weekly dances at VT went full-on fetish with a "Bondage Bunnies" dance. Miss Eve supplied the tunes and Mistress and I turned up threw on something rope-related and went and danced.

If you'd like to see photos of how the other bondage bunnies -- and their owners -- looked, head over to my album of images on Google Photos.


VT bad art dance

Yesterday afternoon Purple was the DJ for the last of VT's dances in the art studio build. The theme this time was "bad art". So, with that theme in mind, Mistress pulled out a couple more mesh dresses and opened her image editor and got to work...

An album of images from the dance can be found over on Google Photos.


VT arty dance

Yesterday afternoon VT rolled out another dance venue, this time a rather well-used art studio. Miss Eve kicked off the week's dances by DJing a theme of.... well, art. The idea was to dress as an artist, or as a work of art, that sort of thing.

As with the last time this theme came up, Mistress fired up GIMP and pulled out a mesh dress and made us a couple of outfits, us both picking a favourite work of art and her making it fit "just so".


VT "What a Trip" dance

VT's week of psychedelia-inspired dances rounded off yesterday afternoon with Purple DJing a set of well-themed music. The dress code was relaxed but called for something colourful. Mistress did the colourful part. I... well, white's a colour, right? And the pattern of the dress said it all.

As well as photos of us, there are images of lots of other people at the dance. You can find a full album over on Google Photos.