The Tuk Tuk

Yesterday Mistress took me to do something I've never done before.... visit The Arcade. While I'm very much aware of its existence (it's pretty much impossible to follow a non-trivial number of SL-related people on Plurk and not be aware of the fact that it exists) I've never really seen the appeal; or, more to the point, I've never seen anything that's appealed to me.

This time was different though. This time both Mistress and I just had to get the Tuk Tuk that was available. So, we dropped in, fought our way through the epic lag and found the vendor we were looking for (picking up a couple of other handy-looking props along the way).

Mistress, if I recall correctly, got a colour she liked on the second try. I was especially lucky in that I got the one I wanted first go.

Having done that next stop was to the mainland and a random rez zone on a road...

Mistress rezzed hers out first and put it in public mode so I could drive. Well, I say "drive", I think "hold on for dear life" is closer to the truth. This thing has to be one of the most undriveable vehicles I've ever tried on the grid (and I own a good few vehicles, and have built a few too). That might not be such a terrible thing, that might be by design, but it was a struggle to keep it straight and it seemed to go far too fast even in the lowest gear.

All of which was pretty hilarious. After losing the vehicle on one region crossing we decided to give up and head back home, where I decided to give mine a quick try on a platform we have above Raven Park. That sort of went wrong too when I drove off the edge. Nailed the landing though:

By the looks of things it seems to be using a bought-in vehicle system that I've seen elsewhere before and, I think, it's one of those that lets you meddle with the gearing. So at least there's a chance of making it a little more stable. Except, sadly, it can only be rezzed from a no-mod HUD and if you rez the vehicle on its own it self-deletes.

Still, can't really complain given the price.

And it causes lots of laughs.

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