VT pool party

VT's new week of poolside dances kicked off last Friday with a good old pool party. Sadly RL was rather busy for me (and has been for a few days) so I didn't get much time to really work on an outfit; as such Mistress was kind enough to let me go with something straightforward that I had in my inventory anyway (trying to fit mesh with 1/2 hour to go tends not to work well). She, on the other hand, found something wonderfully skimpy and a little bit spiky.

As usual I took a good number of photos of the event as a whole, all of which can be seen in an album over on imgur.


VT angels dance

After last week's hellish dance VT went all heavenly this week, kicking off with an angelic-themed dance. Mistress had originally made threats that I'd be wearing very little but, somehow, I managed to persuade her that I'd look a lot better in my white suit with a couple of wings -- sort of a negative version of last week's outfit.

I didn't get away with it though. With a couple of hours left to go before the dance she changed her mind and... well, I'll let the photo speak for itself.

Somehow we ended up as a sort of matching pair. Which was nice, I think. (although I think Mistress would have still looked super cute like that even if I'd had my suit on).

I took a whole load of photos at the dance, here's a few of us:


A common problem

I'm actually not 100% sure how it started, I'm not actually 100% sure what it was that made me make the wisecrack. All I know is, at some point yesterday afternoon, while talking with Miss Anna, I joked about how I needed to take lessons in "being common" from her. She exclaimed mock shock at the joke, we laughed, the conversation moved on.

Until later in the evening when Mistress leashed me to a leash post in the house and told me that she was delivering a new outfit to me and that I must change into it and that, once I was done, we were going out for drinks in the Mansion.

I think, from now on, I'm going to be very careful what I say to her.

But that wasn't enough, it seems. Oh no. Apparently Mistress wanted to see how well the Z&A RLV dance poles worked...

By this point Mistress had also invited Miss Eve over for a drink and a chat -- as if things weren't embarrassing enough. It was then suggested that I should use my video recording setup to make a video. The problem is, while I have RLV-locked HUDs, I can't clean the HUDs and UI to take a video. I made this clear and was happy to see that Mistress said it was okay.

Until, that is, she pointed out she could make animated gifs, which I was told I had to post here too. :(

Apparently my protests didn't go down so well and I ended up wearing a Z&A umbrella gag too.

I think Mistress might have found my one real weakness. Wearing something so obviously not my usual black was... pretty horrific, if I'm honest. Lesson learnt.


A visit to hell

Another Friday, another new dance set at The Velvet Thorn and, of course, Miss Eve DJing. Luckily Anna and I were in a position to head over and enjoy the music. Given the theme was Demons and Devils Anna dressed as the cutest and most tempting devil, I decided to channel Crowley.

As usual I didn't just take photos of us. There's a whole album of images over on imgur too.


A visit to New York

Miss Eve's new weekly dance venue at VT was rolled out yesterday; this time it's designed to be a rooftop in New York. The theme for the first dance, which Miss Eve was DJing, was films set in New York. RL kind of got in the way of planning a little bit but Anna and I made a quick decision and, unsurprisingly, went for the slightly more geeky end of the list. Latex for her and very little for me... had to be Watchmen then, right? ;)

As usual I took a whole load of photos of everyone who was at the dance. They can be found over in an album on imgur. For a combination of personal and technical reasons I didn't get the chance to shoot any video.


VT rowdy rodeo

Last Friday The Velvet Thorn kicked off their next week of dances with a western theme. The call was for all things western-like, with a particular emphasis on chaps, it seems. That gave me cause to go shopping (the only chaps I owned came from the pre-mesh days) and, with just a little bit of encouragement from Anna, I ended up with a sort of goth/fetish cowboy look. Kinda. Sorta.

She, of course, wore a pretty dress and used it as a reason to buy more boots.

Of course, I did photograph more than the two of us, and you can find those photos over in an imgur album. I also managed to shoot some video too: