All kinds of busy

Any regular reader may have noticed that I've not posted much since June. There's a few reasons for this, all good. One reason is that I'm busy, on and off, putting things in place for The Femdom Hunt III. Another is that I'm also very busy working on a new product range which, like last year, we're aiming to release in time for The Femdom Hunt III.

I'm at that nervous and excited point again. The bulk of the work on the new product range is done. Now it's testing and tinkering time. This is the bit that I always find really hard. It's not that testing is hard (then again it's not easy if you're doing it right), it's that I'm always second guessing myself, doubting that I've tried and caught everything, concerned that I've made the code as good as possible so that people can enjoy it without any problems.

So often my early experiences of a product I purchase are ones that are about dealing with script errors (often fixed by a reset that was needed because the owner of the object has changed but the script hasn't dealt with that), or finding that the product doesn't work as you'd expect or quite as advertised and wondering what to do about it (possibly the worst example of that was an RLV restraint I purchased once for a long-term RP, only to find it didn't reapply the restrictions after relogging). Those first impressions count and they make up a good bulk of the testing I'm doing.

And then there's the really tricky test: long-term use. Does the product behave after a lot of use? Is it sensible with resources, that sort of thing (it's surprising how many well-known products show debug errors on the shop bot's console as people come through the Z&A main store, normally "stack/heap collisions" or "too many listens").

Yeah, like almost a year ago, I'm waffling again. Back to testing....