One last outing...

We don't really do "winter" at Raven Park. There's a few reasons for this. One is that what most people think of as winter in SL is actually summer for Miss Vila. Another is that it is winter for me and I like that SL is my warm escape. Also we tend to think that if you're going to do full-on winter on a region it's got to be all or nothing. Throwing down a snow texture on the land and throwing some snow sculpts on roofs wouldn't be enough for us.

And then there's the small matter of how snow makes a lot of the outdoor part of Z&A look a bit silly.

So we prefer to leave it up to the regions that can go all in to do the winter thing, and we stay a sort of perma-late-spring-early-summer.

That's not to say that Miss Vila and I don't like to go and enjoy the winter regions. We do. And today, for our last outing of the year (or, rather, the first for her as it was already 2014 for her when this happened -- it's still 2013 for me as I write this), we decided to go ice skating.

Here's a few photos:

This is so us. Mistress: the picture of calm and confidence.
Me: looking terrified and trying not to mess up. ;)

The cold was getting to her so Miss Vila decided to
use the ear muffs I bought her a while back.

Afterwards we took a ride on a ski lift.
(last alpha fight of 2013!)
My Mistress looking composed and dignified.
After I was left to drive the toboggan down the hill....
possibly not quite so composed and dignified. ;)
A warm drink to finish off the trip.
It was a lovely end to a wonderful year. Thank you Mistress. xxx



After the initial round of building a couple of days ago Mistress and I have being doing the odd tweak here and there around the replacement for the Cafe (which we've now called "The Abbey"). We've also been on a couple of (mostly window) shopping trips, getting ideas, considering other things to add (and also heading off on all sorts of tangents involving other parts of the region -- thankfully we've managed to rein that in so far).

After a few tweaks and a couple of visits to shops today Miss Vila suggested we do something we've not done for ages.... have a game of En Garde. Confronted with this sight...

Yes, she really does have her own En Garde weapon
how could I say no? So we did battle...

and while she did manage to strip me of my shoes and shirt (our En Garde is RLV-enabled, of course)...

...there's a reason I kept some clothing...

I have a funny feeling she won't let this stand. ;)


A day for building

Today saw Miss Vila and I doing some building work we've been planning for Raven Park for a while now. It was fun to be throwing big builds around again and doing loads of landscaping. Also, this marks the start of some building/scripting I'll need to do to get some new furniture going for the build.

Really though I'm just looking for an excuse to post this photo of us working on the build:

I think it's fair to say that my Mistress' building outfit is both cute and distracting. ;)


Exchanged gifts

When it comes to Miss Vila and I exchanging gifts in RL it takes a bit of time and planning and, obviously, they never turn up at the same time (and we both suck royally at actually waiting until Christmas). Exchanging gifts in SL, on the other hand, is a little easier to coordinate.

We had a little bit of time together in-world today and the gift exchanging happened. I got Mistress a pair of glasses that are of a style she just adores, and a pair of boots and gloves to match a corset she already owned. She got me a rather awesome leather jacket with tails (she did mumble something about feeding my virtual rock star delusion, I'm not sure if that's good or bad):

She did also get me one other gift, although I sort of suspect it was more for her than for me. It's already installed in the living room of the house. Apparently it's somewhere where I can sit and warm my feet by the fire as we chat...

It does still need a bit of adjustment to properly fit me
That feather you can see, if you look closely, isn't just a random thing laying around either. ;)


Empty workshop!

This is such a rare sight that it deserves a photo on the blog, I think:

The main build floor of the workshop is empty! Not a single prim is rezzed out. No "sketches", no "in progress" builds, no finished builds waiting to be permed and packed. I think this might be only the second time this year this has happened.

Not that I'm not working on anything right now. It's just that what's got the bulk of my attention right now is scripts and attachments.


Sleeping downstairs tonight

When I log off each night and head for my RL bed I also generally log off sleeping on my SL bed. My SL bed is a Z&A mattress at the foot of Miss Vila's bed. I sit on it and then lock myself on (it's an RLV device after all). The nice thing about it is that, when I log back in the following day, thanks to the way our devices and RLV relays work, I'm back on the bed, still sleeping.

Not tonight though. I finished up in the workshop, took the transport pad back home, and realised that the stairs were a pretty huge obstacle thanks to my current situation.

So, tonight, it's all boys together...

Lucky buggers, having a cushion...

Reduced to shuffling

Another day of needing a top-up for my allowance. This time I needed to top up my TP, walk and fly allowances. Considering the fact that I was already two punishments behind I decided I'd be okay with what little fly allowance I have left (I seldom use it for much that's vital, normally it's just a way of getting around quickly). Given the way things went I think that was a sensible choice.

On top of these outstanding punishments:

  • Be gagged for one hour.
  • Be locked in a cell for 96 minutes.

I managed to pick up the following:

  • Be caged for 41 minutes and gagged for 3 hours.
  • Be cuffed in a hogtie for one hour so you have to shuffle everywhere.

The problem with the last one is that, with the cuffs I have, it's not possible to set a timer for a pose/animation/bind. When the timer runs out they unlock -- and Miss Vila isn't very keen on my cuffs being unlocked (to be honest, neither am I -- I almost see them as equal to my collar in terms of being part of me). So it was agreed that I'll be locked like that until I next see her.

So this is me right now:

I'm the one on the right of the picture
I also had a pretty stupid moment when Miss applied the gag. She set the timer and asked "is it counting down?" I noticed that she'd set it to three hours and pointed this out, saying it was only supposed to be set for one. "Oh," she said, "I think you'll find I did get it wrong, it's supposed to be set to four." That's when I realised that I'd not read "caged for 41 minutes and gagged for 3 hours" and had only seen the first part.

If I'd just kept my big mouth shut....

I'm so glad I decided I didn't need more fly. It's not like I could make use of it right now.

And I still have the cell time outstanding...



Following on from yesterday, after last night's dance, I showed Miss Vila the eyeliner before she relocked my tattoo layer (until then she'd only seen a photo I'd sent her, she'd not seen it "in the flesh" as it were). As mentioned yesterday, she seemed to like it a lot. Rather a lot. So much so that it got left on when my tattoo layer was relocked. Which means not only is her tattoo locked in place again, the makeup is too. No changing it. No taking it off.

I can't say I'm disappointed. It's rather growing on me. ;)


A touch of eyeliner

This is something I purchased quite some time ago, noticing it in passing on the Marketplace, but I've only just had a chance to try it out. The reason why it's taken so long is rather simple: it's on a tattoo layer and normally my tattoo layer is perma-locked via my collar (for reasons that'll be very obvious to anyone who's seen most of the photos on my blog).

In the past 24 hours I've being shopping for this afternoon's dance and, because Miss Vila was horribly busy in RL, I needed to do it alone (normally we set time aside to shop for costumes and outfits together). The costume I had in mind involved tattoos so, for the first time in a very long time, she unlocked the tattoo layer.

That, in turn, let me try this out:

I actually kind of like it. Miss Vila seems to like it a lot.


That escalated quickly

Since the new rules came into effect it seems that my blog has turned into a constant diary of restrictions. Now, in part, that's down to the fact that I'm generally busy with a longish-term development for Z&A and there's not much else to write about but, also, it's down to the fact that the new rules really do seem to catch me out a lot and... well, the results do deserve being documented.

A little earlier today Miss Vila and I were contemplating some possible changes to Raven Park. It was a nice relaxed time together, pondering possible builds, terraforming changes, building and furniture purchases, general feel and style, that sort of thing. I even took a picture of us working on it and was going to add it to the blog:

Part of this did involve TPing to a couple of places to look at some options, and we'd also done a little bit of clothes shopping yesterday (in which Miss Vila got a new coat and a couple of other things, and I found a new rigged mesh top that actually fit, which was a bit exciting), which meant that I somehow managed to use up almost all of my TP allowance that I'd been given late on Sunday night. (there was the incident where Mistress force-TPd me within a sim we were on, when I could have just walked it, using up yet another TP from my allowance -- it's almost like she did it on purpose!)

When I mentioned that I only had the one TP left, as she was about to head for bed, she had no hesitation in dragging me into the office so I could select my "payment".

The first touch of the Punishment Picker resulted in something that wasn't really practical to do so she suggested I touch it again (I should have stopped at this point and found some way of doing it -- the time involved was 26 minutes). The next touch got me a punishment of being denied clothing for 2 days and the need to pick another punishment. The next touch told me that I should be denied clothing for 1 day and to pick another 2 punishments! Two more touches got me a gag for (I think it was) an hour, 56 minutes in a cell, and being denied any form of touch for 6 hours (yes, one of them got me two punishments in one).

That last one was huge. Six hours with no ability to touch anything in-world means not being able to edit too, etc. I had some plans for working on things this evening so this would have meant being in-world with no chance of getting about or working on anything the whole evening. I asked nicely, I begged, I tried to bargain, but there was no way I could get Miss Vila to give in.

So, this is me now, stuck in the house, unable to touch a thing (I was given the choice of being locked inside the house, or outside), and denied clothing of any sort until at least Friday. Mistress was at least kind enough to open the doors to the other rooms downstairs so I had more space to roam.

I was kind of shocked at how things got rather tricky rather fast. Especially the fact that I was facing a whole night in-world with no ability to work on anything.

Until, that is, as she said her goodnight, she pointed out that she'd locked me such that touch was denied for 6 hours of real life time rather than Second Life time. That's to say, touch was denied for 6 hours starting that moment no matter if I was logged in or not. It wasn't 6 hours of logged-in time.

My Mistress is so good to me. :)


Banished for an hour

Yesterday I finally finished a small job I've being meaning to do for the last couple of months, which meant I could make a copy/no-transfer version of our Z&A Palm Tree available (in the main store and on PrimBay, because we just use CasperVend for copy/no-transfer editions of the display devices). To make it available I had to head over to our backup location and stuff the box in the CasperVend dropbox. Which meant using a couple of TPs from my allowance. Which were my last two TPs.

So, obviously, as is the rule now, I had to pick a random punishment to get a top-up when Miss Vila arrived. This time it was to be banished (as in be locked in a bane suit). This is one of Miss Vila's favourite things (you might recall I spent a bit of time in it about a year ago, while working away on the new Z&A device scripts).

Much to my Mistress' annoyance, however, the time picked by the Punishment Picker was just one hour. That said, it was an hour where pretty much everything was denied.

So, without edit or anything like it, all I could do was wander the region for that hour while constantly ensuring that I proved to the helmet that I was still at my keyboard (it asks a question every so often that you have to answer -- failure to answer adds time to the helmet's timer). Of course, there's a trade here too. Going for a wander means I was using my walk allowance... Sure, I could have just stood still for an hour, but where's the fun in that? ;)

Besides, the environment imposed by the helmet is kind of neat:

It's hard to resist walking around and seeing the region in a different light.

As of the time of writing I'm free of the helmet but not, it seems, free of the latex catsuit. Unknown to me Miss Vila seems to have used my Submission HUD to deny any change of clothing. I'm curious to find out if that was on purpose or not, and what the purpose is.


More restrictions

So, pretty much, this is my life at the moment. A day or so free of restrictions (if I'm lucky) and then the need to have my Sub-Allowance topped up for something (often a couple of things), so I'm marched into the office and ordered to touch the Punishment Picker.

Last night I needed more teleports (only the 1 left with a need to TP to the tier box, and back, to pay rents) and more walk. Before I knew it I was heavily restricted with an isolation helmet and I'm locked in a chastity belt for at least the next three days.

Miss Vila actually piled on some extra restrictions which meant I couldn't edit anything or, well, pretty much do anything for an hour. So I waited...

...and waited, and waited...

...until, finally, the helmet unlocked. That was a pretty long hour.

Now I'm back to just being denied clothing and I can get back to working on current projects. Until the next time I need more TPs anyway...