VT black dance

VT's new week of dances kicked off yesterday afternoon with Miss Eve DJing to a theme that's very me. VERY ME! It was nice and simple: wear something black. You can imagine how excited I was about this idea. Only, Mistress had other ideas. Before I really knew what the theme was she had me try on an outfit that she handed to me and, as soon as I was wearing it, she denied me the ability to change clothing or attachments. The result.... well, it wasn't black.

My camera did wander and enviously check out everyone else dressed in black. You can see all of those photos over on imgur.


VT superheros and villains dance

Yesterday afternoon's dance at VT, with Purple as the DJ, was themed around superheros and villains. Somehow Mistress and I managed to end up doing "normal us in an outfit" costumes, with Mistress going as Mrs Incredible (so her with a mask and some latex -- well, with an added mask anyway; also: insert all the jokes about being flexible here) and me going as Jessica Jones (so me with blue jeans instead of black!).

As well as ogling Mistress' shiny parts, I also let my camera roam and catch those around us. You can find those photos over on imgur.


VT out of this world dance

Yesterday's new dance area at VT was launched with Miss Eve DJing a dance themed around all things space and science fiction and the like. Normally this would be the reason to get out my Captain Mal outfit put.... I kind of wanted to do something with Toni. So, one short chat with Mistress later and I got to put together (with her help; Mistress made the dress for me!) a sort of River Tam costume.

As for Mistress... I'm not sure the spacesuit would be very airtight, but I wasn't complaining.

As tempting as it was, I didn't spend the whole dance camming Mistress' exhaust port; I did wander the room and photograph those around us. You can find those photos in an album over on imgur.


VT sexy and surreal dance

Sadly, due to the call of RL, Mistress and I missed the first dance of the new weekly party set at VT (which took place last Friday). Thankfully though we did get to see it and dance in it as we made it to the "Sexy and Surreal" dance yesterday afternoon (with Miss Eve DJing). While we didn't have too much time spare to work on our outfits I like to think that Mistress and I nailed both parts of the theme.

While I was enthralled by Mistress' outfit, I did allow my camera to wander around the set and catch images of everyone else. You can see them all in an album over on imgur.