Some en garde then cuffed

As I've said before a few times Mistress and I seldom make a point of getting into any event we're interested in too early. In almost all cases there's no benefit in being the first in and there's a lot of benefit in waiting.

However, having seen mention of Gothmas by Gaslight, we felt the need to go visit on the opening day. While, sadly, it came too late to allow us to pick up any possible props for the last Raven Park dance of 2014, it's still a theme that is very us and very Raven Park so we had to get in and check it out.

Only when we met up and got ready to go did we realise that, rather than starting on the first stroke of the 15th, it started at noon!

We sat around in the Raven ParyPark Abbey for a short while, making plans to try again in the next day or so, but we also felt the need to head out and do something. Finally Mistress decided that it's been far too long since we'd had a game of En Garde and, seeing as how we were dressed up, she felt we should go play on someone else's.

After a little bit of searching we ended up visiting, and playing at, Steamhaven.

It was a pretty close game (they normally are) but in the end Mistress won.

Afterwards we went for a little explore, wandering around the maze, streets and some of the buildings.

One fun little thing we did find was tea on the ceiling...

...which looked even odder once I'd turned my camera upside-down (one of the joys of using a SpaceNavigator).

Once we'd finished we headed home and sat out on the side patio of the house while Mistress turned her attention to my allowance payment list.

She decided to collect on the payment of me being hobbled by ankle cuffs and my hands cuffed with thumb cuffs.

While the thumb cuffs are pretty much only for show (their only restriction is they can't be removed) the ankle cuff hobble has slowed me right down and also denies fly and sitting on any object that is more than 1.5m from me. This means to take any sort of TP pad I have to walk right up to it first, slowly.

Thankfully it's only until tomorrow.

On the other hand I'm close to running out of teleport allowance and will need a top-up tomorrow. And, of course, there's still lots of other things on the list...

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