A quick shop and then a payment

Given the Christmas theme of this weekend's Raven Park dance Mistress and I have been wanting to get into C88 a lot earlier than we normally would to see if anything takes our fancy in terms of outfits for her and props for whatever we make as the venue for the dance. We did have a quick go at getting in yesterday but utterly failed.

Today, however, we were rather lucky. When we checked there were only (!) 20 or so people there, so we got in real quick.

Avoiding the floating heads and backsides we had a good wander around looking for anything that'd work for us. In the end I picked up three different items that should work as props for the dance. We also checked out a couple of the buildings, one of us utterly confusing us with the huge gaps in the upper floor that, apparently, you could stand on!

Mistress didn't mange to find anything in terms of outfits. She did, however, find a bookcase that was very her and would look perfect in the house.

Once we got home she rezzed out the bookcase and, while we discussed it, Catastrophe, her cat, demanded attention...

Not for the first time either. He kept poofing hearts and butterflies just to make sure he was noticed. Got to hand it to the makers of these cats, they know how to code up a very cat-like cat. He did, of course, get the attention he demanded.

Once he was satisfied it was my turn again... I'd run out of teleports during our trip to C88 so I needed to request a top-up.

That earned me a payment of a day as the "Skater Bane" (much to Mistress' annoyance -- not at the what (she's rather fond of that outfit), but at it only being for a single day). We then retired to the doll room (as it's now called because that's where she keeps the doll collection I helped her complete back in May) so she could have a look over the allowance payment list and decide what to collect next.

In the end she decided to collect the payment of "Blindfolded for 2 hours and gagged for 6". Mistress applied the lace blindfold (setting it on the darkest-but-not-totally-black level and denying names, maps and hover text, meaning I can't easily see who's around me or on the region) and, given all the other piercings I'm wearing right now, she used the Safety Pin Gag. The gag, as is normal, is configured to deny outgoing IMs while also garbing local chat. The hardest part here, as usual, is that I get to spend six hours in-world completely unable to take part in any group chats.

She then finished this off by cuffing my hands behind my back. While this doesn't apply any sort of restriction (not in the way she does it anyway) it does please her that it makes more sense. If this were in RL it would stop any fiddling with gags and blindfolds.

With all that done Mistress and I wished each other a goodnight and dropped back to RL. I should be out of everything by the time we meet to work on the dance.

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