VT biker dance

Last Friday afternoon Miss Eve was the DJ for VT's biker-themed dance. So Mistress and I got the leathers on and went dancing...


VT boots and bondage dance

Last Wednesday afternoon Purple was the DJ at VT for a "boots and bondage" themed dance. So Mistress and I did boots and bondage and went dancing, of course!


VT kink dance

Yesterday afternoon Miss Eve was the DJ for a "show your kink" dance at VT. I was told I wasn't allowed to turn up locked in a Z&A cell big enough to fill half the dance floor so, once I'd finished sulking, I pulled together an outfit and Mistress and I went and enjoyed the music.

VT sportsball dance

Last Wednesday Purple was the DJ for a dance at VT whose theme was something to do with sports, and balls, or sports of some description. I don't know, I don't really do sports. But Mistress and I do do dancing. So we did dancing...