A trip to VT

As I've mentioned or or two times before, while we don't really "do" winter on Raven Park (except in very specific circumstances), Mistress and I do like to take in some winter-themed builds around this time of year. All being well, over the next couple of weeks, we'll do our little skating trip, and we might end up dropping in on other winter places. Today though, while in-world, we decided to pop over to The Velvet Thorn and take a look at how they've decorated and what they've got out.

Changes into warm clothing, we headed over. The first thing I wanted to do was show Mistress the new mall spot I'd got us over there. Due to changes elsewhere we'd decided to turn out little VT outpost into a very small satellite shop. It did take a short while to get there though because, while walking to it, Mistress managed to get distracted.

That done we then went and looked at the current dance spot built by Miss Eve.

Amongst the items to mess with here are the Z&A Christmas Tree and the Z&A Snowman and Subbie Gift Box. And, of course, there's drink and food, which Mistress found...

Oh, and snowballs, much to Mistress' amusement (okay, I might have got the first shot in).

After briefly warming up...

...we headed down to ground level to see what was down there.

By the looks of things, when it comes to our skating trip, if one of our more "romantic" choices isn't up and running this year we can at least do some speed skating; and given the effort it took to get over at least one bridge we should be fit enough if that happens. ;)

After crossing we found snow boards!

Although, it has to be said, the boots required to use the board weren't quite Mistress' usual style.

While Mistress was sorting out the footwear to use the board I got curious about the lone poseball on the floor, so I had to try that...

That meant the snow board was forgotten about for a short while as laughed and giggled our way around the ground of VT...

Once done with that we did try the snow boards but we found them a little hard to control and, it has to be said, after the above they really didn't compare. We did, however, find a really nice toboggan:

This was a real joy to "drive" and worked really well at propelling itself down slopes with no input from me.

Finally, after all the excitement and exercise, we found a nice cosy spot by a fire and just sat and nattered away for a while.

All too soon though it was time for us to head back to RL and to say goodbye to each other for the weekend.

Mistress decided not to collect any outstanding allowance payments for this weekend, so I get to run around "free" until at least Monday. This is a rather rare event for a weekend where it's not a Raven Park dance so I'll have to try and make the most of it.

Works out well too because I made a product that I hadn't even been planning last night and it needs a bit of final polish.

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