VT pink dance

Purple was doing the DJ thing at VT yesterday and, this time, the theme was "Pink". That simple really: wear pink. Which isn't something I generally do. Sure, I have the odd thing (as either Antony or Toni) that has a pink edge and the like, but nothing actually pink!

So it was over to Mistress to suggest what I should wear and she had a brilliant idea: I should buy the RealRestraint latex catsuit, which comes in all the colours (so I'd have good old black, and pink for the evening too). Mistress of course made it clear I should buy the sheer version.

With the addition of a pink harness and pink shoes, I was all good to go.

As is normal at such dances, I let my camera roam and photographed those around us. You can find those photos in an album over on imgur.


Light Ribbon/Glow Sticks

While sorting my outfit for last Saturday's Raven Park dance I had the sudden urge to make a pair of glow sticks, or something similar. I didn't really need anything clever, and for some odd reason I've yet to actually play with ribbon particles (I can see a few uses for products I make but it's just never happened for a few reasons) so this seemed like a good time.

A bit of coding later and I had something that worked well enough. It's not as fancy as it could be, and with Mistress' input on how things looked I made it so it was fairly subtle (for example, greater particle age makes for a more impressive effect but it also ends up hiding your avatar depending on the dance), but I'm pleased with the result.

On the off-chance that it's useful to someone else, here's the script:

To use it just make yourself a cylinder that's sized to your taste, drop the script in, attach it to your hand and you're good to go. The start and end colours (so how the light starts, and what it fades to) can be set by putting two colour vectors, separated by a ~, in the description of the object. For example, a description like this:

    < 1.0, 0.0, 0.0 >~< 0.0, 0.0, 0.0 >

will have the colour start at bright red and fade to black. The fade likely won't be very noticeable because it also fades to invisible (you can change that by tweaking the PSYS_PART_END_ALPHA value in the script, of course).

Hopefully this is of use to someone. :)


VT sock hop

VT's new week of dances kicked off yesterday afternoon when Miss Eve DJd a Sock Hop in the beauty salon that she had made. Mistress took that as a reason to buy a brand new dress, and shoes, and she even lent me a dress of hers and insisted I wear it (yes, really, a transfer dress -- they do still exist).

As always happens, while dancing, I let me camera wander the room and photograph others dancing around us. You can find that album over on imgur.

As for the dress Mistress lent me.... she said I could keep it. So that's going into my outfits folder right away!

Thank you Mistress!


VT out of this world party

Yesterday afternoon, with the help of Purple as the DJ, we visited VT's alien world one last time with a "Out of this world" party. The choice of outfit for Mistress was pretty easy: time for her to create and updated (and I think even hotter) version of her Seven of Nine costume. For me, it was a tricky one as there were at least 2 strong options to go with (one an Antony one, one a Toni one). In the end Mistress voted I go with the Antony one, and so, once again, I excitedly got my Cap'n Mal on.

While watching the light dance and move across Mistress' latex catsuit was mesmerising, I did somehow manage to let my camera wander around the planet's surface and image the other lifeforms there. You can find the album of those photos over on imgur.


VT alien and androids dance

A new dance venue appeared at VT yesterday, this time an alien landscape (built by Miss Eve, of course). The first dance was with Miss Eve DJing, and with a theme of "aliens and androids". Mistress went with an android look (although I do feel there was a hint of Barbarella to her costume) and I went with a fairly iconic alien.

Of course, I allowed my camera to roam around the planet a little and managed to catch some photos of the different lifeforms I found. You can find them all over on imgur.