VT clowns dance

Yesterday afternoon Purple was the DJ at VT for a dance themed around clowns. Mistress and I had to go clown about, obviously.


VT fortunes dance

Last Monday was an unusual one in that Miss Eve was doing another set at VT. We don't normally go out dancing on a Monday, but given Miss Eve was DJing...


VT freaks dance

Yesterday afternoon Miss Eve was the DJ for the first dance in a new week of dances at VT; the build was a circus tent and the theme was "freaks". Mistress got her facial hair on and I got my bugle on, and off we went dancing...


VT secrets and lies dance

Yesterday afternoon Purple was the DJ at VT, with a "Secrets and Lies" themed dance. The idea was to dress in things related to secret agents, spies, etc. I think Mistress and I managed to dress in ways that expressed our personalities while sticking to the theme. ;)