VT one of those days dance

Yesterday's dance at VT, still in the rainy set, had the theme of "One of those days". In terms of outfits it was a "come as you are" dance. I couldn't really come as I was so Mistress unlocked me and told me to wear an outfit with a skirt she rather likes. Once all sorted, we went dancing.

As always, there's an album of all the photos I took over on imgur.

After the dance things took an interesting turn. Mistress decided it was high time she ticked off an item from the list of punishments I'd recently collected from the punishment picker. She decided that an hour in the Z&A Leather Hood and Catsuit was just what she wanted.

While it was only an hour, she made it more interesting. Having discovered the blindfold portion of it she added that too. So, for the next hour in-world (as of the time of writing most of that hour is left for when I next log in), I can't see anything at all; the screen is totally black. I'm also denied any ability to edit or hold IM conversations. I am, for an hour, about as isolated as you can get in SL -- especially for a builder.


My own room for a night

I actually can't even remember the how and why this happened (mostly likely Mistress just fancied doing it -- I doubt I did something to cause it ;)), but this is how I said goodnight to Mistress last night:

Locked over night in the cell room in the new house (something I really must blog about some time soon as the cells were a custom build I did), minus any clothing. Oh, and cuffed on my knees too.

So, even when I get out this morning (there's a little bit of time left on the lock), all I can do is shuffle around on my knees. She's also removed my use of the map, mini-map, the ability to see names, far-touch (I can only touch things within 1.5m of me) and any ability to TP.

Oh, yes, and as a finishing touch before she went to sleep she added more metalwork...

Today will be an interesting day.


Rocking in the rain at VT

The new dance set at VT is all about rain and the opening dance, last Friday, was titled "Rocking in the rain". The theme for outfits was.... well, wet and rainy. Mistress sorted herself with a nice big coat and some boots. For me she picked out a wet t-shirt, some leggings and the Z&A Umbrella Gag (which she removed a short way into the dance so people could understand what I was saying).

As usual, as well as plenty of photos of us, I took photos of the whole dance. An album of them can be found over on imgur.


VT party animals dance

Yesterday afternoon Mistress decided that she was going to release me from my previous state of bondage and, seeing as how VT was having a "Party Animals" dance (the general theme being one of animals and their trainers), place me in another:

With me all locked up in pony gear, and Mistress looking rather amazing in her, erm, how shall I put this... minimal attire, we headed off to VT for a couple of hours of music and dance.

As well as taking lots of photos of us, I also shot those around us. You can find an album of all the photos over on imgur.


A little surprise

For various reasons, just before we went to log off last night, Mistress informed me that I'd be sleeping on the floor, cuffed and hogtied. She also informed me that I'd be staying that way until she next saw me. No timer. And so that's how we said goodnight, her tucked up in her bed, me squirming on the floor.

I popped in-world this morning to deal with a couple of things and, in doing so, decided that I'd wriggle my way downstairs. This didn't work too well. This was the moment that I found that, unknown to me, Mistress had left me an extra little surprise.

She'd leashed me to the rug using the SubHUD! While I can obviously get on with most business that doesn't involve me being somewhere else (which is normally the case during the day -- I do have many RL duties after all) I am stuck in the bedroom, unable to leave, having to stick to the spot that Mistress tied me up on last night.

Until I next see her.

Assuming she decides to even untie me then.

Thank you Mistress. <3


After the dance...

After getting back from yesterday's dance Mistress and I got chatting before logging out and, in doing so, as part of that, I got to toying with different outfit elements, based off what I'd being wearing for the dance. Knowing what she likes to see on me I played with a look or two that she might appreciate; even if it was the sort of thing I wouldn't normally chose to wear.

It was around that time, when she expressed delight at one particular look, that I realised she was getting very handy with the SubHUD. I forget the exact words, but she made it clear that I wasn't getting changed again until she permitted it, and she was enforcing that by denying me the ability to change clothing or attachments.

So this is me, until she decides otherwise.

Hopefully Mistress will let me get changed in time for tonight's dance.

VT circus capers party

Starting yesterday, the dance set for VT for the next week is a circus ring. The first dance was, unsurprisingly, fully circus-themed, with the idea being that people dress as characters from a circus. Knowing how much Mistress likes me in my pony gear it seemed pretty obvious what she'd be having me wear.

How wrong I was!

We weren't the only ones all dressed up for the theme, of course; you can find an album of all the photos over on imgur.