Flexible linkset

Yesterday afternoon Mistress had reason to play around with flexible path values for a linkset. In doing so she mentioned that it was a bit of a pain to have to set the parameters individually for each item in the linkset. Never having really played with this before, I was a little surprised to find that it's a prim parameter that you can't set on more than one prim at once; especially given it's one you can set on more than one prim at once from a script.

So, for fun, I knocked up a little tool that would let her experiment quickly and easily. Z&A Flex Linkset was born:

The script is designed so that it listens to the object owner in local chat, and accepts commands for setting the different parameters. When a parameter is given it's applied to the whole linkset. Commands include:

flex soft <value>
flex grav <value>
flex drag <value>
flex wind <value>
flex ten <value>
flex fx <value>
flex fy <value>
flex fz <value>

As well as commands for setting the flexible path parameters, there are also commands for controlling the script itself. To see the current parameters:

flex show

To reset the parameters to their default:

flex reset

And when you're done with the script and you want it to remove itself from the object:

flex done

And that's it. It was fun to knock together, Mistress had fun playing around with it, hopefully it's of some use to someone else too.

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