Today Mistress and I got to take the trip we'd been intending to take yesterday: a visit to the Geeks'n'Nerds fair. I've been a little nervous about going this time around as the last time wasn't quite so impressive (for me, for my taste) and I came away rather disappointed. This time... wasn't so bad at all.

I only ended up buying 2 things as most items, even though they were pretty on-theme, weren't really my sort of thing. But it was worth the hour or so we spent there just to wander around the build (which was pretty impressive) and see what people had come up with.

One of the purchases was something we knew we had to get after Miss Eve alerted me to it on Saturday...

We now have a cat cleaning the floor in the house and I'm planning on putting one in the workshop to keep me company. I might even put one in the Z&A shop.

As well as some fun shops we found the odd fun prop too. Mistress especially liked this one (although I suspect she was a little disappointed about the lack of RLV...):

Eventually though it was time to head back home. Once we got home Mistress decided it was time to knock something else off my allowance payment list. She commented that I'd been enjoying clothing far too long (so that'll be since yesterday...) and so she decided to use the payment of be being staked out naked for 3 hours. So I was ordered to strip...

...and then she decided to add the Z&A Isolation Helmet to the mix.

She set it up so I had no outgoing IMs, no ability to see names, maps, radar or hover text and with the world made as dark as possible without making it completely black. She then attached my leash and walked me out onto Raven Park.

She locked me on the staked out that's near the gaming area and the Evelock store, setting the timer on everything for 3 hours.

She then said goodnight and headed home, leaving me to the peace and quiet of the region.

While I can check the timer on the helmet, and can see the timer on my SubHUD (which is being used to deny me the ability to wear clothing for the duration), I can't see the timer on the stakes because I'm denied hovertext and I can't touch them to check the time 'cos they're just out of reach (more than 1.5m away). I really hope Mistress the timer on that right... ;)

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