The next time Mistress says she's done some gardening and that I should come and see.... well, okay, there's nothing I can really do about it but I might be a little better prepared.

She'd got a Z&A Leaning Cross and made a display area right in the corner of the front garden of her house, right up against the wall. She'd even gone to the trouble of making and installing a projector light to light up the cross.

I got to spend an hour like that.

I think I'm going to get very nervous the next time she mentions anything to do with gardening.

VT 1940s dance

The new VT dance week kicked off last Friday with a 1940s-themed event in the elegant ballroom built by Miss Eve. Working on the assumption that we were talking the early to mid 1940s I decided to work with Mistress' love of uniforms and went with a WWII RAF dress uniform, while Mistress went with a very elegant gown.

Such an elegant build, and an elegant collection of people, demanded lots of photos. An album can be found over on imgur.


VT bounce around party

DJ Purple is finally back playing at VT again, which is good news. I'd got into my Wednesday venture out on the grid, and it was also at one of Purp's dances that Anna and I first had a dance together, so it's really great to see him return from a summer break.

This Wednesday just gone the theme was to dress comfortable/relaxed. So that's just what we did:

As usual I took a bunch of photos of what was going on around us; you can find these in an album over on imgur.


VT goofball costume dance

This week's dance set over at VT is.... well, there's no other way to describe it really, it's a huge bouncy castle sort of thing. And it's rather wonderful and hilarious too. The dance theme to kick off its use was "Goofball costumes".

For reasons I doubt I'll ever fully understand Mistress and I ended up.... well, like this:

I also took lots of photos of everyone else at the dance. All those photos can be found in an album over on imgur.


VT classroom dance

The new dance venue at VT this week is a classroom. This gave Mistress and I all the excuses we needed to go with coordinated outfits. ;)

As usual, as well as photos of Mistress and myself, I took photos of the whole event. You can find them over in an album on imgur.

PS: I don't know how, but somehow we woke up like this this morning:

There might have been a cage-catch incident where both of us won. ;)



Sometimes, when you log in, you just have to wait...

...and wait, and wait, until your Mistress returns.

And it's utterly lovely.


VT woodland party

This week's VT dance set, built as usual by Miss Eve, is a woodland theme. The first dance in the new venue had a suggested dress code dealing with magic woodland characters and similar things. Mistress went with her rather cute elf costume that she wore to the Raven Park D'n'D'n'Stuff dance a few weeks back, but my outfit from then wasn't really going to be that good a fit.

So, as usual, I asked her for help with picking something. As usual it was a request I was going to regret. ;)

The full set of photos from the dance are over in an album on imgur.