VT goddess dance

Last Friday was the start of yet another dance theme at The Velvet Thorn. Both Anna and I went along and, this time, she wore something other than bright leggings. Given the theme was Goddesses and those who serve them.... I wore a little less.

My camera did stray a little, of course, and there's a whole album over on imgur. Sadly no videos this time as the massive amount of flexiprims, and avatars in general, was lagging me a little bit.


Always wear protection!

This is why I always wear protection when helping someone rez their house.


VT bright future dance

Last Friday afternoon was the start of VT's next week of dances and, despite having a fairly busy weekend in RL, I managed to make it for the last hour. Given that getting there was a bit rushed I took the easy option and went with a "it's not from Tron, honest" outfit from Graves:

Okay, not exactly bright, but it has bright parts. It's pretty bright for me. ;)

I also took a few other photos too, all of which can be seen on imgur. I also managed to squeeze in some videos:


VT 80s dance

What started in the 60s, back on Friday, ended yesterday firmly in the 80s as the VT music festival ground was filled with some of the best music to ever exist, thanks to Purple. After a lot of wondering what to wear I realised that there was only one way to go: this time I just had to channel Andrew Eldritch.

Curiously, and I know this might come as a shock to anyone who knows me, as with last Friday, I pretty much had everything I needed for the outfit in my inventory!

I was worried that, perhaps, going for the leather-clad goth look was a bit of a cheat; few think of all that black when they think of the 80s. As it turns out, Anna (who really needs to blog more!) came to the rescue and added a bit of colour to the corner of the field I'd staked out.

As usual, I took a selection of photos of the event, which can be found over in an album on imgur. I'm afraid there's no video this time around though, I was far too busy trying to get my shades dark enough to cope with someone's leggings...


VT 60s hippy trip

Yesterday VT kicked off a new week of dances with Miss Eve playing a 60s hippy-themed set. When it comes to inventory content for outfits I didn't have to dig too deep and, in the end, I went with something that I think worked, and which sort of channelled Jim Morrison and John Lennon.

Of course, I wasn't just taking photos of myself, I have an album of all sorts of photos from the dance. As usual I took a handful of videos too -- at least one of which was muted because it seems the free-loving generation don't like the Internet. ;)

Miss Eve also played a particular song that I really like so I had to have a rather self-indulgent moment with the tune and the video record. ;)


VT alien invasion dance

Yesterday afternoon saw the concluding dances of VT's weekly theme that started out the Friday before. The specific theme of the day was one of "alien invasion". Given that the set that Miss Eve had built was designed to have a Central Park feel to it the idea was to channel any and all of the times that New York has being on the receiving end of unwanted alien attention, with the idea being to dress as an invading alien, or someone defending.

So I decided to dress as an alien who has defended New York a couple or so times...

As usual, I took a bunch of photos which can be found in an album over on imgur. I also grabbed a handful of videos too:


VT 50 states of pride dance

Yesterday afternoon I was in the fortunate position of being able to catch the last 40 minutes of Miss Eve's opening set for the new week of dances at The Velvet Thorn. The overarching theme this week is, unsurprisingly, the US. Apparently there's some holiday this weekend or something. ;)

The theme for the opening dance was a celebration of the fact that marriage equality is now a thing in all of the states. Given that, I broke with my normal "mostly black" outfit and added a bit of colour.

Although I missed most of the dance, I did manage to take a few photos, which can be found over on imgur. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to take any videos this time.


VT eastern dance

During the last week (sadly I had to miss the opening dance with Miss Eve DJing) VT's dance area has had an eastern theme and, having finished my jobs for the day, I decided it was a good plan to head over there and catch Purple's Wednesday set.

I tried to dress as appropriately as possible, while enjoying my usual black, of course. ;)

You can find more photos from the event over on imgur, and here's a handful of videos I took too: