I built another set

Two weeks on from the last Raven Park dance and, once again, I've quickly knocked together a set for the next dance. Nothing fancy. Just a textured skybox with a couple of props:

Given this week's theme it didn't need much else.


Another fair result

Yesterday and today Miss Vila and I had a little bit of time to have a quick game of En Garde. Yesterday's game was very close and I managed to win 5 to 4 (and I managed to keep my undies on, despite the best efforts of the RLV stripping addon). Today, however, my Mistress fought well. So well that she was a little tired afterwards.

And, of course, this time I came away completely stripped. Again. For good reason though, as you'll see from the score:


Must have been a good party...

Last night's dance at Raven Park (photos to follow on the Z&A blog) was all kinds of fun. And, because smoking was a large part of Miss Vila's costume, she insisted on a quick bath before we both headed off to RL. Being the good submissive that I am, who was I to refuse? ;)

I'll happily admit that, by this point, I was a little tipsy (Raven Park dances happen fairly late in my night, and I had a bottle of wine to hand...). It took me a good fives minutes to remember how the menus worked on the bath so I could even run it. Much to Miss Vila's annoyance amusement.

Things are a slight blur after that, but I know it must have been a good end to the night 'cos I woke up naked in a cell. ;-D

As a slight aside, the new kneel is working out really well for me:

Submission can be so rewarding.


I built a set!

As I've mentioned here before, generally, I don't do big builds. When it comes to buildings and the like I normally leave that to Miss Vila -- she's the one who's handy with throwing around the big prims. But today's Raven Park dance sort of deserved a set.

We've had sets for Raven Park dances before, of course. There was the wonderful and generous donation by Drow Science that served as the set for our Steampunk dance and then, for the last dance, there was the very interactive set build by Miss Eve. SL and RL has been busy for most people this week so we didn't have a set for today's dance.

Until, that is, I cracked and had a go a little earlier. I tried to make something that, while not a replica, at least invokes a feel of Tyrell's office:

It's far from perfect, but given that this isn't generally the sort of build I do, and given it's really just supposed to be an atmospheric space where people can hang out and dance, I'm pleased with how it's turned out.

A kneel for Miss Vila

Like many subs in Second Life it's very common for me to kneel when I'm in my Mistress' presence. If we're stood still for more than a minute or so, and if the location is such that it's appropriate (it's not something we'd ever do in a "vanilla" setting), I will kneel behind, next to or before her.

I've always used the kneel in my collar to do this. I have a handful of gestures set up, each of which is triggered by a command that then talks to my collar. This way I have full control over how and when I kneel. Partly so that there's none of that "bobbing up and down while walking then stopping" that you often see but mostly because I feel that kneeling and standing, by hand, each time, shows that I'm reacting to and concentrating on my Mistress.

The animations I use have generally either been the standard "tower" or "bracelets". Neither quite fit me and for quite a while I've being meaning to make my own. While talking with Miss Vila about this the other day she said that, actually, there's a particular kneel she'd much prefer. That was all the prompting I needed.

Last night I fired up qavimator and got to work:

and, today, Miss Vila briefly unlocked my collar so I could add the result. She seems very pleased with my work.

This will, from now on, be how I kneel for and around my Mistress. I love that I made it for her, that it perfectly fits me, and that it's unique to her.


The Rose Theatre

While discussing some aspects of building, via IM, with Miss Eve a couple of nights ago, she happened to mention the name of a place that wasn't known to me. At that point she suggested I ensure I was well dressed enough that I wouldn't scare the "vanilla" types and that I might like to accept a TP offer. She took me over to The Rose Theatre. After a brief wander around I resolved to bring Miss Vila to see it as I knew she'd love it. Quite how either of us had never explored it and brought the other there before I don't know.

So, today, we took an hour or so out to have a proper explore (as it turns out an hour or so isn't enough -- we'll have to go back and explore some more). Here's a few photos:

Given that it was a "vanilla" location, I was allowed on the furniture.
Admiring the shiny floor. One day I'll come up with an excuse to try this effect for myself.
Admiring the carpet rods. No, honestly, we were.
One of those very rare times...
...where I get to sit down for dinner...
...with my Mistress. Well, I say with...
My Mistress has a thing for balconies.
I think I can see why.
Some of the lighting effects are amazing.
Time was getting short, but we managed a quick dance.
One reason we had to finish up early, was, before our respective RL deadlines took over, I wanted to take Miss Vila to the furniture shop in the building so I could buy her a gift. I'd seen it when I was there a couple of days ago and I just had to get it for her. Her very own drawing board, in just the right sorts of textures, and with a clothing design texture for it too. It looks good in our home:


Two years on

As of today, this blog is two years old. Much has changed since I first started it, and much has changed since I last marked its anniversary.

The last 12 months have been fairly busy in SL. Not only did I create a RLV vehicle system for Z&A, I also rewrote our core product scripts so they do a lot more. Both of those were great periods of creating and scripting. On top of that I created one or two ad-hoc products as well, the one I'm most proud of being Sub-Allowance.

And that product came about because of another significant change in the past 12 months: Miss Vila coming back into my life and me wearing her collar again. That, more than anything else, makes this past 12 months the best 12 months.

The blog itself has evolved a little more. While it's still a place where I'll mention things about Second Life, and while it's still a place where I'll post the odd simple script that I've wanted to publicly publish, it's also turned into a bit of an ad-hoc diary of things I do with my Mistress. While that has slowed down a little for now (she's rather busy in RL of late and, as we all know, RL has to come first) it'll continue to be an important part of what I write here. It's always nice to look back and see the terrible wonderful things she's done to for me.

I hope the blog fills with many more. :)


A fair result

Earlier today Miss and I had another game of En Garde. Unlike the last game I think I have to admit that it was a fair result. I did terribly. And thanks to the RLV stripping add-on that Miss purchased a long time ago, I was quickly barefoot and shirtless:

Then pantless:

and, pretty quickly, without any clothing at all!

Not that I'm complaining. ;)


Region status checker

Another Wednesday, another rolling restart. Often I'm in and fiddling with something when the restart comes rolling and, so, I head over to our mountain retreat and wait until the region is back. Normally I sit there and fiddle with something until I get the email from my region restart notifier that I have in the workshop but, this time, that wasn't enough. I had this impatient need to know what state the region was in.

So, I did the obvious thing. I rezzed out a cube, created a script inside it and started typing away. This was the result:

Now, every restart, I can sit and watch the kettle. Waiting for it to boil. ;)


Her pet zombie

As you might have seen over on the Z&A Productions blog, we're having a zombie apocalypse dance at Raven Park this evening. Miss Vila and I have had loads of fun putting our costumes together. As soon as we started thinking about what we'd wear we decided right away that she'd be a "survivor" and I'd be her "pet zombie".

Having spent an hour putting the final touches to the costumes today we felt that it deserved a little portrait shoot, of sorts. Given that Raven Park doesn't really scream "apocalypse" in any way Miss had a look around in search for a suitable venue. She found Forbidden District 69, which looked the part, and she pulled me over there.

Here's a handful of photos that we took:

Taking the zombie for a walk

I'm a well-behaved zombie, obviously

Miss Vila was well armed enough to cope with any misbehaviour

Keeping a pet zombie fed in a post-apocalypse world can be a dirty job

Apparently complaining about the rations doesn't go down well