VT rural dance

Yesterday afternoon VT's dance venue turned into a field and the like, and held a dance with a rural theme. With Miss Eve DJing, the idea was to come dressed for a rural lifestyle, or perhaps even come as an animal.

That's sort of what Mistress and I did. She dressed super-cute and I had to get my latex pony back on.

While dancing I did my normal thing of flying my camera around the dance area and taking photos, you can find them all over in an album on imgur.


VT sex and the city dance

Yesterday Miss Eve was DJing in a newly-rezzed dance venue over at VT. Designed as a New York rooftop, the theme for the dance was "Sex and the City". The idea was to dress elegant, or sexy, or highly-fashionable, or something along those lines.

Mistress, being Mistress, put together her own design -- something with a delightfully minimal abstract design -- and I wore a recent gift from Miss Eve which was.... well, minimal anyway.

Of course, with some many wonderful outfits on show, I let my camera wander and snapped photos of those around us. You can find them all in an album on imgur.


VT works of art party

Yesterday was the start of another week of VT themed dances, this time taking place inside a huge art studio. Miss Eve was DJing and the theme was "works of art".

Mistress and I were very short on time to get ready yet, somehow, she managed to quickly create a matching pair of dresses for us!

My camera spent some time flying around the room, checking all the angles, and caught photos of everyone else around us. You can find the results in an album over on imgur.



Yesterday afternoon VT's beach dance set was the scene for a BBQ party, with Purple as the DJ. Mistress and I dressed for eating out on the beach, with Mistress going a little smarter than I did (which isn't unusual).

This was also a significant dance for us. While, by the calendar, the date is a couple of days later, the dance itself is the same-timed one as the one last year where I dared to ask Mistress if she'd care to join me for an 80s-style dance (and she said yes). This year we did that dance from the same physical RL room. :)

As usual, I let my camera roam around the dance and I took photos of those there with us. You can find them all in an album over on imgur.

Sadly, that's the last of Purp's dances until (I think) September. I'll miss them.


VT beach party

VT's new week of dances kicked off yesterday with Miss Eve DJing on a nice sandy beach. Unsurprisingly the dress theme was to dress for a beach, which Mistress and I both did.

Given how amazing everyone looked I, of course, took photos of those around us. You can find those photos in an album over on imgur.