VT brave new world dance

Yesterday VT kicked off a fresh week of themed dances with a futuristic theme, based around the idea of a "Brave New World". People were invited to dress in something that looked like it was from the future, or that was from a movie or TV show set in the future, etc. Mistress went with an outfit inspired by the movie "The Island" and I went with something rooted in The Matrix.

While dancing I obviously let my AI-based drone fly around and spy on capture images of those around us. You can find all of those photos in an album over on Google Photos.


VT bad to the bone dance

The new week of VT dances kicked off yesterday with Miss Eve DJing a dance with a theme of "bad to the bone". The idea being that we dress as evil or bad or dangerous characters. Mistress went with an assassin outfit she really rather likes and I went with.... well, an adult Wednesday Addams is really rather dangerous, right?

As I always do, I let my camera roam the room and grabbed images of those around us. You can find all of those photos over in an album on Google Photos.


VT kinky cupids dance

Yesterday afternoon VT finished off their week of valentine-related dances with Purple DJing a "kinky cupids" dance. So on went the sexy stuff, along with wings, and dancing happened.

While enjoying Mistress' outfit, I did also let my camera wander the room a little so that I could grab photos of those around us. You can find all those images in an album over on Google Photos.


VT love shack party

Yesterday VT went all "seasonal" again, with an eye on the approach of the 14th. The theme was love and romance and Miss Eve was DJing and playing her best selection of love-themed tunes. Mistress decided that we should go formal, tux and gown and everything.

Well, her kind of formal anyway. ;)

It seems that, if you mention that Mistress has a shocking sense
of direction in RL, there are SL consequences.

While I did spend a lot of time enjoying the fact that Mistress forgot the bottom half of her tux, I did cam around the room too. You can find all of those photos over on Google Photos.