A bit more shopping

Today Mistress and I spent a little time in-world doing one of my favourite things... demo trying. As in, she tries on all the demos she got from some event or fair we've been to (in this case our visit to C88 yesterday) and I get to chime in with my honest opinion. That and we both praise the items that are very her, admire those that are lovely but not her, and mutually WTF at the ones that just done work in any sense.

So, after a wonderful session up in her studio, the final lineup of purchases was decided and we briefly popped back over to C88 (I was, of course, finally out of the yoke).

I was more than a little bit chuffed that one dress I'd suggested, and that she'd been sceptical about when seeing it on the rack, turned out so well and she really liked. On getting back home it got the instant change and saved outfit treatment.

Although, by the look on her face, I think she's a bit worried I might try and steal it these days. ;)

After then changing into and saving a second outfit we retired to the house to have a chat before saying goodnight (which also means saying goodbye for the whole weekend).

Before we did though Mistress decided that we should spend a little more time shopping and go find a rug to go under the new daybed. One shopping trip (and the purchase of more than one rug) later...

...and we had a rug that seemed to look the part. Nicely ruffled up (doubtless all my fault for not flattening it properly) to match the slightly unkempt feel to the bed (again, likely all my "fault") it fills the room just nicely.

Mistress decided not to apply any more payments for this weekend, just leaving me to enjoy my chained ballet boots. Instead we just hung out and chatted a little more before, finally, it was time to pack her off to her RL bed.

As much as I'd love to work on the list and try and get it down to nothing I'm appreciating the fact that I can actually work on builds this weekend -- which is a good thing because I'm working on a fairly big one which I hope to have out the week after next.

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