I lasted almost two days

After "serving" the last set of allowance-payment punishments I lasted almost two days without any restraints or restrictions. In that time I made a point of getting most of my shopping done for this weekend's dance:

And then, last night, I almost blew it. As well as TPing around a couple of places with Miss to sort some things out I decided to release the Z&A HUD Locker, which meant that I had to TP to our backup CasperVend drop boxes so it'd be in our CasperVend system and on PrimBay.

This left me with a grand total of 1 teleport on my allowance.

Today I was helping Miss Vila shop for her outfit for the dance. Unsurprisingly that involved a bit of teleporting so that single TP got used up pretty quickly. So, long story short, I went from running about in lots of Doctor Who glory to...

The helmet is locked for an hour to deny maps -- not that great a problem given I wasn't planning on going anywhere (Mistress still hasn't got around to rewriting the punishment list in the punishment picker so some of the punishments are still a little.... doable). The mittens (from Sunshine Technologies) are, however, locked for two hours and are denying any in-world touch at all. That means I can't open a door or call a transport pad. I am actually now locked in the house for the next couple of hours, only allowed in the rooms that have an open door.

Okay, I could teleport up to the workshop but that'd mean that a) I'd be using a teleport from my teleport allowance and b) lack of touch would make it hard for me to do anything useful up there anyway.

This new setup gets more and more interesting and that's just with the default punishment list...


Finishing off the queue

After a weekend of not seeing Miss Vila I caught up with her last night and she decided it was time to work through the rest of the queue. She decided that it'd make sense that I do the next two punishments ("Wear the outfit of your dom(me)s choice for 3 days" and "Wear an isolation helmet for 2 hours.") together. First she decided that being stuck naked was exactly her idea of an outfit of her choice (much to my relief -- that could have gone any number of ways, I think I got off lightly there). Next she had a look at each of the isolation hoods I have.

She settled on a very firm favourite of hers, the MD gasmask. So, for the next couple of hours, I'm walking around like this:

(and, of course, once it's unlocked, I'm still left without access to any clothing for three days).

Thing is, Mistress didn't forget the isolation part of it. The mask has controllable apertures on the eyes that can be opened or closed. So, of course, she had to use that:

The result of which is that my world looks like this at the moment:

It's hard to convey just how awkward that makes things. I'd say it's worse than being blindfolded by the scarf blindfold that I had on last week. With that HUD the central part of the screen, the place you're heading for, is totally obscured. Every movement has to be worked out by turning my head (so to speak) and figure out where I want to go before lining up again and going for it. There's a lot of bumping into things going on.

Even more interesting is the fact that the two bits of vision it does give me are towards the outer edges of the screen, which means they are distorted a little by the way the field of view works. It's a fascinating and amazingly frustrating effect.

I'm thankful it's only for a couple of hours.


And now there's a queue

As mentioned a couple of days ago today I needed to ask Miss Vila for a bit of a top-up for my walk allowance. I also thought it a good idea to ask for a top-up for fly too (which had fallen to just 48m left). No sooner had I asked than she marched me into the living room/office, perched on the edge of her desk and told me to touch the punishment picker in payment.

Again, much to her annoyance (and my amusement), it wasn't so terrible:
Antony Fairport, here is your punishment: Be blindfolded for 1 hour and also gagged for 2 hours.
That was going to be a little bit awkward for me as I had a product release to finish off, but an hour's delay wasn't going to hurt.

Miss Vila then reminded me that I'd asked for two different things to be topped up. I hadn't quite expected this, having got used to the idea that there's a punishment for a top-up session. No, apparently, there has to be one in payment for each thing topped up. So I slapped the book again:
Antony Fairport, here is your punishment: Remain naked for 2 days and pick another 2 punishments.
Now I wasn't laughing quite so much. An extra two punishments in payment for a top-up I'd already picked a punishment for!

So, in no time whatsoever, this happened:

But not before I slapped the book twice more, getting:
Antony Fairport, here is your punishment: Wear the outfit of your dom(me)s choice for 3 days.
Antony Fairport, here is your punishment: Wear an isolation helmet for 2 hours.
Mistress decided that they'll have to go into a queue and I'll have to serve them next week (apparently being naked isn't an outfit of her choice).

So, before I could finally get the new product out, I had to spend the next hour like this:

which meant stumbling around with this view on my screen:

That's a view of Miss Vila's garden, in case you're wondering.

As of the time of writing I'm out of the blindfold and the gag, but I'm denied any clothing (and, of course, denied the ability to wear any via RLV). Given that we won't see each other this weekend the 2 days of nakedness will obviously stretch until at least Monday, at which point I guess I'll either have to do the two hours in some sort of isolation hood or I'll find out exactly which outfit I'll be wearing for 3 days after that (I think that's the one I'm most worried about -- far too much scope for unknowns there).

So, yes, this paying for allowance with random punishments business is starting to get really interesting, to the point that there's now a queue of them to serve.


Another top-up day

Today I needed two things from Miss Vila. The first was some help testing a little tweak I made to the Z&A Submission HUD (which, all being well, will be released as a full product later this week). The second was a top-up for teleports in the Allowance HUD. The recently created rule that I have to pick a punishment from the Punishment Picker still stands so that had to happen again.

Only, this time, Mistress decided that I had to pick two punishments. The first was because she needed to turn off TP tracking in the allowance HUD for the duration of the testing (which involved lots of TPing) and the second was in payment for my actual top-up.

Worried about what the outcome would be I touched the book on her desk and got "Be staked out naked for 50 minutes". Miss groaned her usual "I can't believe he's got off that lightly" groan while I laughed a bit. Sure, 50 minutes stuck with no build/edit rights and the like is a bit of a punishment, but doable. I then had to pick the second punishment. This time I got.... "Be staked out naked for 44 minutes". The groan and the laugh were louder than before.

Miss Vila had the last laugh though. There was I thinking she'd stick me out in the garden of the house as she has done in the past, or perhaps in one of the more secluded parts of the region. Nope. With a rather worrying mention of "well, it didn't say where you had to be staked out..." she leashed me and dragged me over to the Z&A main store. Memories of a previous time came flooding back.

Sure enough, Mistress rezzed out a device and staked me out between the shop's landing point and main entrance. I did try suggesting that the two punishments should be concurrent but she wasn't having any of that. She locked me, set the timer, said goodnight and headed off home. Leaving me to wait and see if anyone landed at the shop.

I'm up and about again now. But I just noticed that I'm going to need a top-up for walk in the next day or so... O_o


Ongoing costs

Sometimes, just sometimes, I regret the ideas that pop into my head and turn into builds (and by "regret" I obviously mean in a good way, but don't let on whatever you do...). Two such builds that seemed like a really fun idea at the time - the Punishment Picker and the Sub-Allowance - are now coming back to bite me in combination with each other.

With Miss Vila's help, of course.

I've been wearing Sub-Allowance 24/7 ever since it was released as a product. While there's been times when some allowances haven't been tracked (walk and TPs during the Femdom Hunt, for example) Miss Vila has generally kept me on an allowance for all the things it tracks. And, when I've got low, I've had to explain where they've gone and then the allowance has been topped up. No actual consequence other than accounting for my use.

Until late on last week, of course. Now it seems that Miss Vila really likes the idea of there being a cost to getting more allowance. Yesterday I finally got low on my TP allowance thanks to a) a shopping trip or two with Miss Vila and b) flitting between CasperVend dropboxes (which I have on two different regions) while moving some of Z&A's freebies over to CasperVend (in anticipation of us "opening" a store on PrimBay in parallel to the Second Life marketplace). So, of course, when Miss Vila turned up I asked her if I might get a top up for TPs.

At which point she marched me into her office, leant against her desk and rezzed out a Punishment Picker. I was told that I'd got off too easy last time and that, from now on, allowance would only be awarded once the Punishment Picker had been touched. Knowing that I'd be needing those TPs soon I did as I was told. Which resulted in...

That's right. Gagged and blindfolded. To be precise the punishment that got picked was a gag for 3 hours (in-world time) and the blindfold for 2 hours (again, in-world time). For good measure Miss Vila also cuffed my hands so that I wouldn't be "able to mess with the gag and blindfold":

It's also worth noting that the "wear nothing but a chastity belt for 3 days" punishment is going on way past the 3 days (I think that might have something to do with Miss Vila's annoyance at me picking that one first given that that's almost a reward -- and there's a tale there about my feelings about and attitude to (near-) nudity of my avatar that I should write about at some point).

So, right now, I'm pretty heavily restricted again. The gag means I can only incoherently mumble in local chat, and all outgoing IMs are denied (I still receive incoming IMs). Also, the blindfold isn't just for show. What the photos above don't show, but the one below taken such that it shows HUDs too does show, is that my view of the world really is blindfolded:

I should be thankful that Miss Vila only put it on the lowest setting -- it could have been a lot worse. Even then the HUD makes it almost impossible for me to touch the world around me. If you look carefully you might be able to see a small hole in the blindfold in the middle of the screen. Only though that can I touch any object.

I see quite a lot of this in my future. Miss Vila has made it very clear that this will now be a regular thing. Allowance will be paid for by accepting whatever the Punishment Picker dishes out. Another interesting thing is that, right now, the one she's using contains the default list of punishments (which I wrote myself when I first made the product so, of course, it's sort of tailored to my likes and kinks). She's said that she intends to write her own list.



Another consequence of testing

What follows isn't the first time there's been a consequence of testing, and I doubt it'll be the last. But this one's the worst yet.

Now that The Femdom Hunt is over and done with for another year we're releasing out gifts as products. The first two were released yesterday and the final one, the Submission HUD, will follow in a week or three (there's some tweaks I want to make before it becomes a full product).

Last night I was toying with some ideas for those tweaks. The code is designed such that I can safely work on a copy while Miss Vila has "her" Sub HUD locked on me, locked to her and only her (with Zardia as an admin for the HUD, obviously). Except, it turns out, in one fairly obscure scenario, which I discovered by accident. And which resulted in me unlocking the HUD that was locked on by her.

A few responses kicked in at that moment, some from the sub side of me and some from the programmer side of me (not that they're actually different sides of me, just aspects of me). Amongst those responses were:
  • Horror at the fact that I'd unlocked something Miss Vila had locked on me.
  • Fascination that I'd managed to unlock something that I shouldn't have been able to unlock.
  • An immediate need to get hold of Miss Vila and let her know what had happened.
  • An immediate need to get hold of Miss Vila and work on making it up to her.
  • A deep sense of curiosity as to what had actually happened and how to fix it.
It should go without saying that locked items staying locked is important to me. If Miss Vila locks me in or on something there's a deep sense of pride involved, for me. It matters to me that she's taken the time, and had the desire, to do that.

Anyway, knowing that I'd be seeing her within the hour I set to work looking over the code involved and getting a fix in place. I found the issue fairly quickly and fixed it. A quick round of testing confirmed that the fix was the right one.

When Miss Vila turned up I explained what had happened and apologised for having unlocked something she'd locked. She obviously understood and appreciated the how and why and that it wasn't a deliberate attempt to escape her control (far from it) but, of course, it was clear that there needed to be consequences for such an error too. First off she helped me quickly double-check the fix. She locked the new copy of the HUD and then I tried to "escape" the same way, and failed to do so -- the fix was all good.

She then spent the next 10 minutes or so setting everything back up in the HUD (home location, curfew times, region access monitoring, renamer, restrictions, etc...). After that she attached my leash and, without a word, marched me out of the house and over to the Raven Park Mansion.

In fact, she marched me into the POD Prison room. At which point it was clear what was going to happen. The current hobble was removed and I was left naked except for my belt (and cuffs and collar, of course) and I was told to wear my POD Prison helmet (the first time in quite a while). Almost without a word Miss Vila then activated a POD, caught me into it and sent me deep below the Mansion to serve a fairly long sentence.

The original sentence was set to four hours. For anyone who doesn't know the POD Prison system it works like this: your sentence is real time, you have to stay logged in to serve it. But, if you log out, the sentence carries on counting down -- but with a consequence. The consequence is that you have to serve parole time outside of the POD and that time is calculated as time offline plus 50% of the original sentence.

I stayed logged in for quite some time as Miss Vila and I chatted about this, and other things, on Skype. Finally it was my bedtime so I needed to log out before the sentence was over. This morning I logged back in so I could get released (the way it releases you is pretty cool -- if you're into RLV and isolation and have never tried a POD Prison I can highly recommend it) and my parole was announced as being 2h20m.

That's 2h20m wandering the region like this:

As the above might hint to as well: the POD system strips you of everything that isn't locked on. This means that it even robbed me of my AO. I'm walking around like a noob right now. That in itself is a pretty harsh punishment. What also makes life even harder is that it's really tricky to interact with the world around you because the whole of the screen is actually filled with a HUD:

Right now there's not a lot I can do given the restrictions that are applied via the POD helmet. Here's how my RLV list looks right now:

That list is even longer than the one from almost a year ago when Miss Vila first came back and locked me down again. No inventory. No IMs. No build or editing. All I can do at the moment is sit around the house:

or do a noob impression in the workshop, longing to tinker with things:

But there's something harsher than any of this. A lot harsher. Recently Miss Vila has been using the renamer module in the Sub HUD to have my name be things like "Vila's boy" or "Vila's brat" when I talk in public chat. Right now (not that I can actually speak at all with the helmet on, but when it comes off again...) it's set to "the brat". That's it. Just "the brat". I miss her name being in there.

All that said, this matters to me. A mistake in code is one thing. Removing a lock my Mistress placed on me is another. The sense of pride I have in being hers means I was horrified at what happened. All of this, all of the above, eases that.

For that I can't thank my Mistress enough.


Caught out

One thing that's a constant source of amusement for Miss Vila is the times when I get caught out by something that I made (along with settings and situations of her design, of course). Last night was a good example.

These days I'm wearing the Z&A Submission HUD (which was the sub's gift from Z&A for The Femdom Hunt, and which should be available as a Z&A product pretty soon) and one of the features of it is a curfew system. One of the things I built into the curfew controls is the ability to make curfew not apply if the dominant is nearby, with "nearby" being a range of distances ranging from 5m (stay really close, or else) up to 500m (so pretty much anywhere on the same region, within reason). Miss Vila likes to set it to 10m.

The 10m setting is normally fine as, if I'm in with her past my curfew, I'm normally leashed anyway. Apart from last night. When I'm hobbled as I am at the moment she tends to prefer to leave me to get around on my own (being pulled by a leash means I move at her walking speed, being unleashed in a hobble means I can only move at the speed that the cuffs allow).

Last night, just after my curfew time arrived, it was time for me to log off and go to (RL) bed, so we headed up to (SL) bed. Miss Vila, of course, got up the stairs at her normal speed. I was a lot slower (especially given that the cuffs I wear -- the Real Restraint Elegance cuffs -- make getting up prims a lot harder) and, before I knew it.... curfew kicked in and I was in the cell. We can't have been much more than 10m apart. There was likely centimetres in it. But, a curfew is a curfew and an exception limit is an exception limit and I was outside it.

So I woke up like this this morning:

Yes, before logging off I did try and plead my case. No, it made no difference whatsoever. Apparently I should have made more effort to keep up.

Yeah, my Mistress does love it when I get caught out by, and caught up in, my own scripts and builds.

Then again so do I. ;)


Restricted again

For the past six weeks or so I've generally had a low number of restrictions applied. Because of needing to manage The Femdom Hunt I had unlimited teleporting and walk via my Sub-Allowance, for example. And, aside from five days inside a small box as well as a day stuck on my knees, I've been able to freely come and go.

Until this week. The day after the hunt ended Miss Vila turned on teleport and walk tracking again. Of course, I managed to eat through the teleports in no time. Initially it was my own stupid fault: I'd got used to TPing around the region to get from home to the workshop to the shop to home again, etc, without thinking. When TPs are on an allowance (which is normally "always") I make a point of using the private TP pads we have and I save my TP allowance for the odd visit to other regions.

Miss Vila was understanding enough to top me up again. Which I then managed to almost totally use in a few hours. A couple of uses were while I was shopping with Miss Vila. The rest were used while investigating issues with remote vendors and other scripted objects after this week's rolling restarts.

Not that any such explanation cut much ice with Miss Vila. Using allowance is using allowance. It's that simple.

So, last night, we were in the Raven Park Mansion, adding a couple of extra toys, and she dragged me into the office there and sat on the edge of the desk. She then reminded me that I needed to be more careful with my TP allowance and that she would top me up again on the understanding that a) I be more careful this time and b) I touch the punishment picker that's on the desk and accept whatever it says.

I did and the punishment it gave me was that I had to wear nothing but a chastity belt for three days. Much to my amusement and Miss Vila's annoyance. But, a deal's a deal and so I was stripped and locked into a belt.

Today, however, Miss Vila decided that she'd add a little more to it. So now I'm locked in just the belt but with my legs cuffed together, making me walk slowly and making it hard to get up steps (and also denying fly), and my arms are also cuffed behind my back.

I'm also denied "sit tp" too which means I have to get very close to an object before I can sit on it -- which means that I have to walk right up to the TP pads before I can get on them and get around the region (which also means I'm using up more of my walk allowance *gulp*).

And I've got at least two TPs to do later when I go and pay rent at a mall.

Oh, and did I mention that the three days ends at a point where I won't see Miss Vila in-world for a couple of days, so it looks like this'll stretch out to at least five days?

I think it's fair to say I'm restricted again. ;)


New chair

We're still slowly furnishing the new house, sometimes with a plan, but often with accidental discoveries. Like this chair that turned out to be perfect for the back patio:

It's got some really neat poses in it too -- a little different from the ones you see so often. Miss Vila's current favourite seems to be this one:

which she says she'll be saving for the next time I try and talk my way out of trouble.

Not that that ever happens. ;)