For quite a while a large part of my blog was a sort of diary of the allowance system that Miss Vila operated. It was a rather simple yet very effective way of reminding me that, when I was in-world, I was hers and was only "free" to do things, when I was, because she permitted it. Here is how it worked:

I wore a Z&A Sub-Allowance. Using this Miss Vila controlled all four of the things that it tracks:
  • Walk -- this was given to me in kilometre increments, normally 10km per "payment" (although she's sometimes a little more generous depending on what else is happening).
  • Fly -- this was given to me in kilometre increments, normally 10km per "payment".
  • Talk -- this was given in number-of-lines increments, normally 150 lines per "payment" (this isn't as terrible as it might seem as I seldom talk in local chat -- mostly the only time I do is during Raven Park dances).
  • Teleports -- this was given in per-TP increments, normally 15 per "payment".
The payments mentioned were chosen at random with a Z&A Punishment Picker. The content of the punishment picker was written by Miss Vila and it included her favourite RLV items and tasks.

So, quite simply, when I got low on one of those items, or when I foresaw that I'd get low, I had to ask for a top-up. To get the top-up I had to touch the punishment picker, a random "payment" was selected and she topped up the Sub-Allowance for me.

This is, of course, no longer in place. But this page remains as it used to control the "payment" backlog (of which there often was one) and it is often linked to throughout the history of this blog. Also, it was a fun way to use lots of RLV toys in my inventory so I also leave it here as it might spark similar ideas in others.

You can read my allowance diary under the allowance tag on the blog.

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