New blindfold

Today I picked up another new blindfold. Like with a couple of other blindfolds I've picked up before (like here and here) this wasn't scripted to work as a RLV blindfold (in fact this one wasn't scripted in any way at all) but the creator had sensibly made it copy and modify. This meant I could make a copy and script it with Z&A's scripts for my own use.

I'm seriously pleased with it. It looks really good and, while the fit isn't perfect (I'm sure that with some careful tweaking it'd come close), it almost fit me out of the box.

As with the other blindfolds it's using Z&A's blindfolding code that has multiple darkness levels (that allow for some degree of sight) as well as total darkness. As well as that it also gives control over other aspects of in-world sight:

This generally gives Mistress all the control she could want from a vision control restraint while also allowing me to carry on working when she's not around -- albeit working under tricky conditions.

For anyone who's interested: the blindfold came from Goth1c0. Sadly it's not in their marketplace shop but it's easy enough to find in their main store. While I was over there I also picked up a rather fantastic corset piercing that is actually designed for male shapes! That deserves a blog post of its own in a day or so.

Free for a night

Today I finally got out of the chastity belt. Mistress and I had plans to meet up earlier in the day, to unlock me, help me photograph a new Z&A product (that should be released this week) and also visit a fair we've being meaning to get to. As it was she was severely delayed so we had to change out plans.

The unlock and the photo session did happen, but the trip to the fair had to be postponed until tomorrow. Also, because time was short, I was left without any restrictions (other than the normal background ones I always have) applied. For the first time in many days I was free to move around and come and go as I like. I could also chose any outfit I liked!

I've actually been through a few outfits this evening while I've been building, photographing products and also shopping. Mostly though I've been enjoying wearing anything at all. ;)

It looks like, after we make it to the fair tomorrow, one or more things will be coming off the list again so I'm making the most of tonight.


Back on my feet

Today's the day. Today's the day that I finally get back on my feet. I don't get out of the belt until tomorrow (which might have influenced the theme for this week's dance.... might). So, after Mistress and I met in-world so I could have my cuffs unlocked (and locked again without chains -- she always keeps them locked on me unless there's something else I'm wearing that needs them to be removed), we turned out attention to outfits for the dance. Mine's pretty much sorted, of course, but Mistress needed to do some shopping.

There was one particular shop she wanted to have a look at that isn't on the MP. Given that I'm not really dressed to visit non-D/s type regions right now I was left at home. Well, given that I've been locked with my hands behind my back for a week or two I felt I deserved a treat while I waited...

Mistress returned from the shop sooner than I'd expected, so I got caught...

Thankfully, after the initial "what DO you think you're doing?!?", the was a lot of laughter. I think I got away with it. ;)


The list grows again

Mistress and I met in world today so I could show her a project I've been working on that, all being well, will get a release next week.

I especially needed her to try the build out as I wanted to be sure she thought it was appropriate. My measure, when building something where the Domme gets to sit too, is if Mistress likes it and finds it cute or attractive then it's a good Z&A build.

She liked it.

After we'd done that I asked if I could get a top-up for TPs again, which meant heading back down to her office.

The TP top-up cost me "Be left leashed to a public leash post on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 2 hours" added to the allowance list. Mistress also had a look over the list with a few to knocking something else off but she decided there was nothing she could use that would fit my current situation (there is 3 hours in the isolation helmet which would work with how I am at the moment but she announced that she had other plans for that one!).

Much to my delight she didn't decide to collect on the new one right away.

Instead we retired to the back deck and sat and had a chat for a nice while.

Mostly we discussed options for her outfit for this weekend's dance, as well as searched the marketplace for components that could help make the build for it.

All too soon though it was time to say goodnight.


Blindfold, gag and a trip out

After dealing with some Z&A business earlier today Mistress turned her attention to the allowance payment list which, for the first time in a while, is starting to get a little shorter. She looked over it carefully to see how much could be piled on in one go and what would be compatible with the longer-term payment I'm currently serving.

First up off the list was to be both gagged and blindfolded for 3 hours. Normally Mistress will go with a Z&A gag and one of the blindfolds I've made for my own uses. The gags are always set to garble local chat and also to deny outgoing IMs for the duration. The blindfolds on the other hand tend not to be so harsh as to make it impossible to do things in-world (rather than using a HUD to blindfold, which often (correctly) stops you for interacting with the world around you, they simply make things very dark and remove hover text, names and location details). This time, however, Mistress decided she'd like to try and use the MD pony head harness as a combined gag and blindfold.

Curiously it seems that the gag doesn't have a setting for denying outgoing IMs (or if it does Mistress couldn't find it) so I ended up with the freedom to chat in IM. Offsetting this though was the fact that the blindfold is pretty harsh, making it impossible to touch or edit anything in-world:

After locking this in place Mistress then announced that she was going to use up the payment of leashing me somewhere in public on a region of her choice and that she was also going to use the payment of denying maps, mini-map and location name for an hour. As much as I hate the "leash in a public place" payment I was a bit excited that 3 items would be coming off the list!

So, a little while later, Mistress TPd away and then force-TPd me after her, landing me in an unknown location that was very hard to see at first.

However, once my eyes adjusted, I took a wild guess at where I'd been dropped, and I was right.

Mistress had dropped me off at the Bondage Ranch. She said her goodbyes and left me there (invisibly) leashed to the spot for an hour.

Once the time was up I headed back home again. Once I landed though all I could do was hang around on the front porch until the timer ran down on the harness.

Given that I couldn't touch anything in-world at all it meant I wasn't able to open doors or, even if I could, use the transport pad to get to the workshop. I could have teleported to the workshop but then I'd have used one a TP from my TP allowance and for no useful reason given that, once there, I'd not be able to build or anything.

Panic set in some time later when the 3 hour mark came and went and the harness didn't unlock! Had Mistress forgot to set the timer? Had it rolled back somehow? Was there a glitch in the harness? As these thoughts raced through my mind and I started to wonder how I was going to do the work I had planned for this evening...

[09:03] MD - Head Harness v4.3 (nose): Timelock unlocked (head harness) after 3h 13m 57s

Looks like Mistress had left me with a little surprise to keep me guessing!


Out of the hogtie and into something else

My "be hogtied for six days" payment was due to end yesterday but, seeing as how it was one of those weekends where Mistress and I tend not to see each other I had to serve an extra day (I never seem to get credit when this happens!). So, earlier today, we met in-world so I could be released.

Once I was released I invited Mistress up to the workshop to look at a couple of projects I had going at the moment and to get her input. After this we returned back to her house and sat in the office while she contemplated the payment list, seeing what else could be used.

I'm still locked in nothing but the chastity belt until Sunday (which means I'm not going to have much of a costume for this weekend's Raven Park dance! I might have to be creative with the theme this week so that I appear on-theme) but there's a few things still on the list that are compatible with that.

Having spent a week shuffling around slowly in the hogtie Mistress decided to show me no pity whatsoever and collected the payment I picked up on Friday...

So rather than shuffling around very slowly for 6 days on my belly I'm now having to shuffle around for 5 days on my knees. Mistress then decided to collect on a payment of me being gagged for 5 hours of in-world time.

As usual the gag is set so I'm garbled in local chat, I can't start IM sessions and I can't send IM messages. I can receive them. This, again, means I get to spend a whole evening in-world watching all the different group chats and unable to chime in when I normally would have.

On the other hand it does mean that I've been able to spend some quality time writing code for a product that should, I hope, be released next week.


A trip to Sad November

As mentioned a couple of days ago there's a fair type thing that Mistress wanted to take me to called "Sad November". Partly just to see the build but also because it had an emphasis on the shops that had male clothing available. So, earlier today, we met up in world to head over. First though there was a small issue that had to be dealt with...

Seeing as how I'm locked in a hogtie until Monday and denied any clothing other than the chastity belt until a week on Sunday I wasn't really in any fit state to go. Mistress, however, had decided that it was important she went so she was willing to give me a temporary reprieve for the duration of the trip, but at a cost. The cost was that I'd have to touch the punishment picker when I got back and add whatever it gave to the list.

With that agreed I was unlocked and allowed to pick an outfit...

..and Mistress decided to change her footwear.

 Apparently she'd need to...

As fairs go this one, in terms of the build, was amazing. I don't think I've seen one that I've been quite as impressed with. Not only was the default windlight just right, the weather system being used worked really well, the landscaping was fantastic and the buildings worked and make sense. Even the layout flowed well. What was even more impressive was the fact that most event builds lag the heck out of my viewer (purely my machine's problem, but the build) yet this was pretty smooth all the way round.

One of the really impressive things about the event was the reason Mistress brought me over:

Every shop that had male-oriented items in it had that "MEN STUFF HERE!" sign outside it. We thought that was a fantastic idea. It also gave the impression that the organisers had gone out of their way to ensure that there were items for males as well as females. Great to see.

Anyway, Mistress and I had a good wander, with her making a couple of purchases and me picking up some demos. I won't be able to try them on before the event ends in the 22nd (for reasons that'll become obvious) but it does mean I've got the details and landmarks for some shops I'll be visiting in the future.

Here's a few photos from our wander around the region:

At this point I should probably mention two until now unrelated things: during the walk-throughs of The Femdom Hunt V, and then during the hunt itself, cupcakes became a bit of a running gag with Mistress and I. See, there's at least one now-popular coffee cart that hands out drinks and cupcakes that lots of people seem to have on their regions. Every time we found one Mistress couldn't resist and so she was always eating cupcakes during the hunt. A constant stream of cupcakes (yes, even she's often wondered out she keeps her figure).

The second thing to mention is that, often, when we visit a shopping event, we seem to end up buying as many things from shops that aren't in the event as we do from those that are. How and why? Because shops that are in the events tend to decorate their shops with props from elsewhere and it's a fantastic way to find things like rugs, lighting, furniture, etc...

So, we we walked into one shop and saw this on the wall...

Mistress had to have it. And she knew just where she wanted it too.

So, after finishing up at Sad November we headed off to the shop that sold the sign and Mistress bought one, as a gift for me. She kept ownership of it, but it was for a special spot in the house, just for me -- a message from her to me. Before installing it I first had to change back into the belt and Mistress locked me up again...

...and then she took me to the cell room to install her gift to me.

The extra gag being, of course, that the cell is my home location in my SubHUD -- it's where I get sent if I violate curfew or wander into the wrong sort of region.

After that we moved to Mistress' office so I could pick my "payment" for being allowed to get dressed for an hour or so to go with her to the fair. Touching the book got me a payment of "Be cuffed, hands behind your back, on your knees, for 5 days". So much for looking forward to getting out of the hogtie!

Finally, after saying goodnight, Mistress suggested that I should really spend some time appreciating her lovely gift to me. So, as I slowly shuffled out of the office she walked into the cell room and used the cell's grab facility. The next thing I knew...

...I was in the cell with a one hour timer. A final little payment for being allowed to accompany Mistress on the trip.


Hogtied and in a belt

Mistress and I got to meet up for a brief while in-world today. She had, of course, already read yesterday's blog post (these posts are as much a "report" to her as they are anything else so when I write them I always email her a link) and so was fully aware of what had happened, how I'd messed up and how I'd decided to handle it.

First and foremost she seemed deeply amused by the idea that I'd been caught out by a feature I'd written into the SubHUD and yet hadn't fully considered or appreciated. She was also very adamant that it was all my own stupid fault and no matter if I'd even realised it would happen I should have been paying more attention.

There was no way I could argue with that.

Sadly, she also thought that the way I'd handled it was actually the wrong way. Her preference was actually that, after having messed it up, I should have stayed in the cell and dealt with the consequences that followed. I'd tried to go with the spirit of how she'd designed the evening and had worked around the "glitch" (okay, really, it was a feature, but it was an unforeseen consequence on my part) but it was really her preference that I go with whatever happens.

Lesson learnt.

At this point Mistress said she was going to knock a couple or so more things off my allowance payment list, and I also asked if I could get a TP top-up too (I was down to just 2 TPs). So she marched me into her office and had me touch the book to pick my payment for the TPs. It came up as  a wildcard for me (I get to pick) but I also had to pick two more payments! Touching the book two more times got me "Be gagged for 5 hours" and "Wear nothing but a chastity belt for 12 days".

This business of reducing the length of the list really wasn't going so well.

Mistress decided to use the chastity belt payment right away so she stripped me...

...and had me pick a belt.

Next she decided that she would use up a payment of being gagged for 9 hours, this time opting for the ring gag.

Next, she reminded me of how I'd messed up yesterday and that I really needed to slow down and think more carefully...

...and then she went on to say that the payment of being hogtied for 6 days should help me do just that.

Once all that was done she then reminded me that, after having escaped from the cell yesterday, I owed her some cell time. Rather surprisingly and generously Mistress decided that I should only serve the time that the cell had initially pick yesterday (even though I'd used up about 1/2 of it by the time I got back out on the road). So I was ordered to wriggle into my cell...

...and the door was locked and the timer set.

Earlier on Mistress had been telling me about a fair she'd been reading about that had a special focus on male clothing and how she wanted to take me there. It was at this point that I realised, and mentioned to her, that 12 days wearing nothing but the chastity belt would mean we'd likely miss it. I did then suggest that she could let me have a temporary reprieve so we could visit in the next few days (it wouldn't be the the first time I've been allowed to get dressed for a special occasion "mid-payment") and she said that would be a good idea. She then said rather firmly that, this time, it would cost me!

Sadly Mistress needed to head off again so we said out goodnights and she went to bed, leaving me in my cell.

So this is me for the next few days. Six days of only being able to shuffle around on the floor, slowly (and also denied sit-tp and fly) and twelve days of wearing nothing but the chastity belt. Also, on top of 7 hours of being denied outgoing IMs by the gag yesterday I'm now working through another 9 hours. The real pain of that being that I can't join in any group chats and, of course, any time this happens group chats that I really want to be involved in happen more often.

I can't complain though. Given Mistress' displeasure with my huge mistake yesterday I think I got off rather lightly. Or, I should say, I think she was very generous and I'm very lucky.


Gagged and blindfolded and a bit of a walkabout

Another day, another failed attempt to reduce the allowance backlog that has been growing longer and longer. Today Mistress decided to try and pile a few items on to get the list down a bit. We sat on the back deck while she went through the options.

One thing was obvious from the start: anything that involved in-world things (so being locked on devices or in cells) was a bad idea given how the grid will be this week. Instead Mistress decided to stick with things I'd wear (or not wear, depending on what she went with).

First she decided to make use of "Be blindfolded for 2 hours and also gagged for 7 hours", opting for the lace and leather blindfold.

This was locked so that I was dropped into a very dark world and location, maps and avatar names were denied. She then opted for a classic ball gag.

Next she decided to use up "Be denied teleport, confined to a sim of your Domme’s choice, for 6 hours" which, as usual, was turned into "confined to a continent of your Domme's choice" with her deciding that I should go for a nice long walk. She also ordered me to wear my Z&A Walkabout so that I'd have to keep paying attention to my in-world presence and so that I'd have to keep moving and exploring.

Finally she teleported me to an unknown location and, just because she likes the look of it when I'm gagged, she locked my hands behind my back (and also locked my whole outfit too deciding that I should stay in the dress for now).

During the next six hours I took a few photos, all of which can be found over on imgur. Here's a few highlights from the walk (and watch out for an explanation of a bit of a cock-up towards the end):

When there's nothing fullbright nearby a near-empty
region with the blindfold-imposed windlight
can be seriously spooky.
Looking pretty owned. ;)
Seriously steep road!
And then I find out why. A tunnel!
A tunnel under water!
Being under water meant that the water effect
beat the blindfold windlight, but only while
under water. Did mean that I got to have a good
look at everything.
Eventually I had confirmation of where Mistress had
dropped me. Same continent as the banishment the
other day, just in a different spot.
After 2 hours the blindfold unlocked and I could see again!
The forced walkabout and denied TP still had 4
hours to go and the gag 5.
 Guy Linden entered draw distance (127.65 m).
Another, much smaller, tunnel.
Whovians will understand...
No good to me. The Walkabout HUD was set to punish me if
I spent more than 5 minutes in one spot or more than
30 minutes in a single region.
Now that I had maps I decided to get creative with
the roads I followed to try and see more of
the continent I was on.
After taking a detour at the above crossroads, some time later, I took a wrong turn. Rather than rejoining the road I'd been on, further up, and carrying on my way, I started to back up on myself. While this didn't earn me a punishment with the Walkabout HUD because the region history was short enough it did mean I'd messed up my plan to try and see as much as possible.

So, a little while later, I decided to head cross-country and try and make it to the road I wanted to be on.

Having taken a shortcut through a build I made it onto some abandoned land...

Here, with a couple of hours left to go, I decided to do something I normally do when I go on a journey like this: I decided to relog. The idea here is that region crossings can sometimes cause a crash (very rare when walking, thankfully) and a crash can cause script data to roll back to the last login. When you've got a timer running in a script it can be very frustrating to have it roll back. Because of this, about once an hour, I'll relog to force a save of the script data.

At this point I should mention something about the SubHUD. One of its features is a region control module. Using it you can ban the wearer from certain maturity level regions. In my case Mistress has it set to ban me from General regions. If I go to a general region I'll be immediately force-TPd to my cell. However, on a walkabout like this, on a continent other than Zindra, General regions will turn up. Mistress never drops me on a non-Adult continent if I'm looking very adult but in this case things were fairly innocent. Because of this we were using a as-yet-unreleased SubHUD feature.

Normally the region control module will check the maturity of a region no matter how you enter it. TP in, walk in, log in, it's always checked. However, we had a customer request the ability to turn off the "walk in" checks -- the reason was they're normally a ponygirl and their Mistress had the same issue: they wanted to stop her TPing to General regions but wanted her to be able to pass through them without a problem. So I updated the SubHUD to include a switch to make this happen (this will be available in the next release which should happen soon).

Mistress was using this. Logging into or TPing into General regions would still drop me in my cell but walking through a General region would be okay.

Hopefully you can see the problem by now. I'd not noticed that the region I was stood on was General. So, I relogged to force a script data update and...

...I found myself back home and in my cell.

This was a bit of a problem. Not only was this not what Mistress had intended it also meant that within 30 minutes the Walkabout HUD would start to complain that I'd overstayed my welcome in the region and would add 5 minutes to the HUD every 30 seconds. Meanwhile, I was denied TP anyway so even after the cell unlocked (I got a 56 minute timer when I was dropped into it) I wouldn't have been able to get away.

I was stuck. Seriously stuck. I had two choices: either spoil all the effort and planning Mistress had put in and just spend the rest of my night in the cell (or log out and give it up as a bad job and explain myself the following day) or... cheat out of the cell and get back on the road.

I spent a bit of time trying to decide the best course of action and came to the conclusion that the second option would be better. This would mean that I spent my evening doing what Mistress had intended for me (out on the grid, forced exploring).

Of course, I'll be explaining to her everything that has happened (pretty obvious given I'm writing about it here on the blog and she reads it) and also letting her know about landing in the cell and the cell time I "escaped" from (which, of course, meant briefly turning off RLV for only the second time since she placed my current collar on me) and I imagine there'll be some extra payment because of my lack of foresight and attention.

But I think I did the right thing.

Anyway, I got back out on the road and finished up my walk as per the timer...

...and I finished up safe and sound back in the workshop.

The gag eventually unlocked too so I'm just left cuffed until I see Mistress tomorrow.

Overall it was a fascinating experience, walking around first in the very dark world of the blindfold and then with full freedom of sight, and I'm still finding the dynamic of the Z&A Walkabout really interesting (it's one thing to make these things... it really is something very different to be on the receiving end of it; you discover aspects of it you never originally intended). On the other hand I am really disappointed in myself for having messed up like I did and, honestly, I do feel like I let Mistress down.

Hopefully I made the right decision on how do deal with it and I'll be sure to write about the outcome of explaining it to her.

PS: the allowance list didn't get that much shorter. While two items were knocked off I had to ask Mistress for a double top-up of walk to cover all the walking I'd be doing. So that was two items added to the list! And I'm glad I did too because I used up such a lot of walk. It was also a good thing that Mistress was very generous to me and gave me 20km per top-up this time rather than the usual 10km. Also, tomorrow, I'll need to ask for a TP top-up too.