My wildcard

Mistress and I met up in-world for a short while today. The first job we did was to pop over to a dress shop she's rather fond of to grab and try some demos with a view to picking out her outfit for this weekend's Raven Park dance. Many demos were grabbed and tried and finally a choice was made and purchased.

This might be the earliest we've ever both had our outfits ready for a dance (normally the Friday before is when we do this, or even earlier on the Saturday).

While in-world I also needed to request a top-up for my walk allowance, which Mistress was all too happy to provide once I'd picked my payment.

That earned me 3 hours locked in a cell and 5 hours gagged; added to the list for Mistress to collect later.

Mistress then reminded me that I was meant to have decided what one of my wildcard payments would be. As it was I had. This one wasn't specially restrictive (although it sort of affects where I could go on the grid in terms of appropriate dress) but was one I wanted to try out. I wanted to wear the corset piercing for a number of days, along with the Z&A Nipple Rings and Z&A Nose Ring. Especially go for a reasonably pierced look. This seemed to meet with Mistress' approval.

It was Mistress' choice how long this would last and she decided, without hesitation (which I take to mean she rather likes it), that I'd be like this until Saturday. So, until then, I'm wandering around barefoot and topless with quite a few piercings, all either locked by their own scripts or locked in place with the SubHUD.

This does mean I get to use up one of my wildcards while being more or less "free" to come and go as I please and to work on things. It also does mean that Mistress can layer something else on top.

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