Back in a dress

My quiet week is over.

Today Mistress and I got together, after sorting the perms on and packing a new product range that'll be going in the shop in the next day or so, and she decided it was time to start chipping away at the current allowance backlog.

Noting that there was a "Outfit of your Domme's choice" item (which lasts for 3 days) Mistress decided it was high time I tried out the third dress I bought a short while ago...

On top of that I've got a couple of fairly long gag sessions on the list so Mistress decided to use up one of them. And she knew just the gag to use too...

It's locked so that my local chat is very garbled and so that I can't start IM sessions. In the other hand I can have an IM conversation if someone IMs me. Mistress decided to do it this way given we're getting to the next busy period in The Femdom Hunt.

It was decided that that was enough for now. Many of the other items on the list either make it too difficult for me to carry out the work I've got to do this week or Mistress has other plans for them. Instead we went and did a little bit of tinkering in the Raven Park mansion, putting out a copy of the Dutchie Femdom Chaise in a couple of the rooms. While giving it a test, of course...

Turns out the dress I'm wearing isn't a great match for most of the sub's poses in it. Hardly a surprise there. Didn't stop Mistress from finding one that more or less worked, of course.

Finally we had a sit out the back of the Mansion (well, Mistress sat, I stood around and held a flower, sort of) and had a general chat about things and a good catchup.

It's interesting to note that I'm getting more and more used to the dresses. I'm pretty sure that, at this point, I have a favourite. And while I doubt I'll be adding them to my self-chosen wardrobe any time soon I think it's fair to say I sort of look forward to them coming up as an allowance payment.

And Mistress seems to like me in them, which is the really important part for me.


Quiet week

This week has been a bit of a quiet week as far as this blog has been concerned. While I've been pretty busy in-world, working on a new product that should turn up in a couple of weeks, and also working on a pretty big release for next week (all being well, if everything goes according to plan), I've had it "easy" when it comes to the allowance system.

The main reason for this is that Mistress hasn't been in a position to be in-world much. While I've been able to get top-ups there's not really been any time for her to collect on any of the payments. And thanks to this week the payment list is growing!

While in-world together, for a very brief moment, earlier today, she did remind me that the list will need some serious work and that this should start again next week. I think that this might be the biggest backlog I've had yet.


Very metal

Last night was another one of those times where a fairly rare event happened, and like the last time it happened, it was a combination of choice of theme and DJ that dragged me out of the workshop and to a social gathering, on my own!

This time it was a rock/metal-themed dance at The Velvet Thorn with Miss Eve as DJ. There was absolutely no way I was going to miss out on that. So I dragged out a pair of leathers and an old tour t-shirt (actually the "I finished the mini-hunt" shirt from Z&A's second birthday mini-hunt, which was designed to look like an old tour t-shirt), threw on a pair of seriously cool shades, and went and headbanged for a couple of hours.

While there I did what I normally do at most events: cammed around like crazy and took lots of photos. You can find an album of them over on my imgur.


A little bit of shopping

Sometimes the items on the allowance list can "clash" with other things we want to do. Take, for example, the payment that started yesterday. Mistress and I have been really looking forward to seeing the new Dutchie house (we've been following its development, as much as possible, for a rather long time now) but my current "state" wasn't exactly compatible with the location.

Thankfully, however, Mistress was feeling a little more flexible than she might be with other things (locks, timers, keys, etc...) and allowed me to throw on a shirt and pants while we treated ourselves to a quick visit.

What a place! I won't even try and do a review, reviewing things really isn't my thing, especially not something like a house; but wow... This is every inch a Raven Park type house. Really, it's every inch a Mistress and my house. If it wasn't for the fact that we purchased a new house just a few weeks back and have only recently finished tweaking it to suit our taste we'd have been buying this. No question. Really, if it wasn't for that there's a near-100% chance that this blog post would have been one about us demolishing the old house and rezzing this one out.

Just after we landed Froukje IMd me to say hello and to mention that we might want to pay special attention to the adult version of the chaise longue that was in the house (the version in the house being the PG one). We found the PG one and decided we liked it already -- the poses in it are really sweet.

After a good wander around the house (the cellar is especially cool -- part of me wants to buy it just so I can custom-make a RLV cell to blend into the cellar) we headed over to Dutchie's adult store to take a look at the adult version of the chaise.

Despite how it looks, I wasn't naked, I'd just removed baggy
items so that we could see the poses properly and at this angle
you can't see clothing.
We're really glad we did. As well as some really sweet relaxing sits there's a great mix of very adult couples animations and a number of set sequences. All of them femdom-oriented. There are a couple of femdom chaises that are firm favourites of ours, but one is getting rather old now and the other one, as lovely as it is, is very LI-heavy (up in the low 40s). The Dutchie one looks like it's going to join them as one of our favourites.

We've already rezzed a copy in the house (although we still need to decide its final place)...

...and a copy will be going into the Raven Park Mansion pretty soon (it'd be a real shame not to let people in there discover it).

Meanwhile, it was time for Mistress to head for bed, but first I needed to get a top-up for my TP allowance, which was now getting rather low.

That got me a payment of "Be left leashed naked to a public leash post on a sim of your Domme’s choice for 1 hour". Given that the version of the SubHUD I'm currently testing on myself includes a small improvement to leashing I guess this is a good thing.


Out of the dress, into less

Yesterday Mistress and I spent a bit of time in-world dealing with a couple of things, the final item being swapping my SubHUD over to a newer version that I want to test on myself before releasing. As part of the swap process she needed to set my "home" location (the place I get sent to if I violate some other rule set in the HUD), which meant I needed to step into my cell, which of course is set to auto-close on a random timer of Mistress' choice.

It took all of 30 seconds for Mistress to set the home position but the cell had set itself to something like 55 minutes. It soon became very clear that Mistress had absolutely no intention of unlocking the door again, which is no surprise really because she really hates unlocking a locked door, especially when it has a timer running.

While I waited for the timer to run down Mistress was kind enough to unlock the dress I'd been locked in all weekend although, of course, I couldn't change there and then because the cell was set to lock me out of my inventory.

Instead we chatted for a little bit and then I had to say goodnight through the cell bars. I also had to get a top-up for my walk allowance that way, the resulting payment being "Wear a Pony outfit and stay in a stable for 8 days" -- so some time soon I can look forward to another week (and a day) of being locked out of the house and falling on my backside every so often.

Today, after perming and packing a couple of new Z&A products, we got to spend a brief bit of time together. Mistress decided to collect on one of the "Wear an outfit of your Domme's choice for 3 days" payments, deciding to lock me like this...

...until Friday. I'm not sure what's worse really. Being locked nude and knowing pretty much where I can and can't go (plenty of places I often need to drop in on have a no-nudity rule) or being like this where I'm fine but it's very.... revealing.


Dress(ed) for the weekend

Today Mistress let me out of the ankle cuff and yoke that were applied yesterday although, as agreed, the dress remained, locked in place until Monday. Now that the cuffs were unlocked it was decided that I'd be allowed boots but, before I did, we had to go shopping for stockings. Although we looked at one other place first we ended up back at Schadenfreude and it tuned out they had a pair that exactly matched the dress. Much to Miss Vila's delight.

Once all done (and I was dressed and everything locked in place) we sat in front of the fire and had a chat about a few things, one important one being what form the shoe should take for The Femdom Hunt V (while the shoe itself is the same every hunt we texture it differently each time). We think we've decided what it'll be and we hope to give it a try next week.

So this is me for the weekend. Amusingly Mistress and I have both agreed that while the first dress I wore looked like a dress that she bought for me because she wanted to see me in it, this one looks like I raided her wardrobe and "borrowed" one of her dresses (she has commented that if it wasn't for the fact that I own it she'd happily have it in her inventory).

Somehow I think she'd make it look better.


My wildcard (and the other dress)

Today was the end of the three days of "forced" nudity so it was time to use up another one of the "bigger" items off my allowance payment list. This time Mistress allowed me to use the "Sub's wildcard" item I had on the list. The idea, as I've mentioned on here before, is that I get to pick what it is, although Mistress gets to pick how long.

I didn't have to think about this too long, or at all. I've known for a while what I wanted to do/experience with this: I wanted to a) be locked in the other dress we recently purchased and then b) have some fairly restrictive bondage applied on top. Mistress readily approved this setup and happily locked me like that...

The photo is very dark because I'm still doing my 21 in-world hours in the Z&A Contact Lenses (as of the time of writing I have one and a half hours left to go). As well as the yoke (which is denying things like sittp and fartouch) my legs are also cuffed together so I can only hobble around slowly (and have to stop and start moving again very often). These are locked until I see Mistress tomorrow.

The dress, on the other hand, is locked until Monday.

I have to admit that I really like the look (and the "feel") of the harsh bondage on top of something softer like wearing the dress -- it gives the impression of equal amounts of suffering for Mistress as well as doing something to please her (I'm not sure which dress she prefers, but she did seem to rather like me in this one too, and hearing her pleased is pleasing).

All I have to do now is wait for the contacts to unlock...

...so I can get a proper look at the outfit. ;)


Another rezday

Mistress and I didn't get much time in-world today and what little we did get was sort of rushed. However, we did pack a few things in. After perming and packing a couple of new Z&A products (now in the shop and on our marketplace -- "officially" announced tomorrow) we spent a little bit of time trying out a rather fun gift that Miss Eve had sent Mistress because today is her rezday (we sort of celebrated together at the weekend and I got her her gift yesterday).

It's a Femdom-oriented couples walker vehicle thingy with some really fun animations in it. We only had a chance to try each of the animations very quickly but each were amusing to watch -- I highly suspect it's something Mistress will use from time to time. After dragging back back home...

...Mistress decided to knock a couple more items off my allowance payment list. This time it was to wear a yoke for 5 hours (she went with one of the new Z&A yokes) and also wear the Z&A Contacts for 21 hours!

Five hours without fartouch was a bit of a struggle but the time in the contacts is going to be huge. Given it's in-world time 21 hours is going to span quite a bit of RL time, time when I'd normally be building. While the contacts don't stop me from building they do make it harder to concentrate and work as I'd normally work. For example, this evening, I needed to rearrange a bit of the shop so I could put the new products out. In the murky world I'm living in right now...

...it's surprisingly exhausting. On top of this I'm also denied maps, avatar names and hover text which makes me feel rather isolated while still being out and about in the world.

I'm starting to miss some of the "softer" payments. ;)



Mistress and I had a pretty busy couple or so hours together today. First off we had a trip over to Fameshed so I could buy her a gift for her rezday (which is tomorrow). After that we had a trip to the main store of the maker of the gift, before heading back to the Z&A workshop so we could have a bit of a testing session for a product range that'll be coming soon (not sure when soon yet, some time between now and the start of The Femdom Hunt V). After that Mistresses decided that it was time to knock a few things off my allowance payment list.

First off she decided that I should spend the next 3 days naked, with a day cuffed on my knees, and with a blindfold for 3 hours (the type that makes the world very dark but still lets me see, while removing names and hover text and the like).

She then decided that the "be leashed naked in public for 2 hours" payment should happen too...

But it seems that wasn't enough. So, there I am, naked, blindfolded and leashed to a leash post rezzed at the Raven Park landing point and Mistress then adds...

...balloons. But that wasn't enough, apparently I needed a cake too...

...which was very sweet of her.

So, this has been me for the couple of hours after I said goodnight to Mistress. Her little rezday gift to me.

I'm doing my best to stay away from the sparkler.


A little gift

Yesterday, having sorted ourselves with our outfits for the Steampunk dance...

...Mistress and I decided to head over to the regions based around New Babbage and have a wander. It's a long time since I've visited there and I'd forgotten how well done the whole thing is. During our wanderings I found a picture for sale that I felt I just had to get Mistress given how excited she's been about how restricted and restrained I was last week.

I got it more as a joke gift but, it turns out, she loves it. In fact, she loves it so much that it got pride of place in her office:

Apparently the thing she likes about it most is that, each time I use the Punishment Picker book to select an allowance payment, I'll have a huge reminder of one of the payments I could get.

I think my joke might have backfired a little.


Blindfolded and denied standing

Mistress likes gags. Mistress really likes gags. Not because she doesn't like to hear me talk (at least, I don't think so....), but because it gives her so much scope to misunderstand what I'm saying (sorry, I mean, it gives me so much scope to make a mess of what I'm saying -- I'm sure that's how I'm supposed to say it). As you can well imagine, I only say the nicest things to my Mistress but a gag makes it all come out wrong.

So... a little earlier we were sat in the house, having a chat about all sorts of things, and the gag kept making it look like I was throwing in the odd insult or two. No amount of protesting my innocence helped (indeed, it made things worse).

This didn't go down too well so it was decided that two things were going to happen. The first was that I was going to be denied the butterfly part of my current outfit and so I'd have to spend the rest of my time inside it simply crawling around on the floor.

The second was that I should use up the 3 hours blindfolded that I had on my allowance list. To that end Mistress applied a blindfold I'd bought/made a few weeks back...

As I've mentioned before, this doesn't completely blind me (although it could if Mistress set it to) but, instead, it makes the world around me very dark and denies a number of slight-oriented abilities (seeing people's names, access to maps and radar, etc...). While it doesn't completely debilitate me it does slow down a lot of what I'd normally be doing in-world.

So that's me for the next three hours...

...at least for the blindfold part. The squirming around on the floor part is until tomorrow. And Mistress likes the caterpillar portion of this restraint so much she's already suggested a couple of changes I could make to a copy of it to make a whole other thing. I fear this, in one way or another, is going to figure often in my future.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: having knocked 3 hours blindfolded off my payment list I needed to get a TP top-up for my allowance. I think the universe things it's being funny because the payment I got was.... "Be blindfolded for 3 hours".

Just another average day...

...in the Pixelmaid household.

I get out tomorrow. At least, that's what Mistress decided back on Monday. Given how much she seems to be enjoying me like this I suspect the only reason I'm getting out tomorrow now is that we'll be shopping for outfits for Saturday's dance.


Latex butterfly

The day has finally arrived. It got put off from last Friday but it's finally here. A little earlier today Mistress collected on one of her "wildcard" allowance payments -- one she's had in mind for a couple of weeks now.

While Mistress loves "realistic" restraints and the like as much as anyone she really adores ones that you might call "cute" or "silly" or some variation on that (and often all of those things at once). RLV can be serious business, but there's no harm in it being fun too (fun/silly builds are one component of what drives Z&A, after all). So when Mistress saw this product it pressed all of her buttons and it just had to happen.

Today I was marched over to the shop and told to buy it. In no time whatsoever I was back home and...

...I was Mistress' newly-locked and coloured caterpillar and/or butterfly...

The product itself is the "RLV Latex Rubber Butterfly Caterpillar Morph Combination" from Enslaved. On the surface it looks like it's really aimed at female avatars but, having once seen it "in person", we'd got the feeling that at a push (and a squeeze and a pinch -- all that latex will gather bits up after all) it would look fine on a male avatar and, we think, it does.

I started out by simply sticking with my own shape (so ignoring the supplied shape), adding the almost-all-body alpha (it leaves just your face) and then wearing the main components (there's the main body bag, the wings and a head harness that has optional blindfold and gag). Everything went on fine, although the hood part of the main body bag just didn't work for me -- large parts of it being lost inside my head. Doubtless this could have been fixed by using the supplied shape, or tweaking my own, but we decided to try something different.

Given the hood problem, and that the neck part also made my neck look very scrawny, we decided to keep my hair on so it looked more like it was an up-to-the-neck bag. This worked well. Combined with the gag portion of the head harness it still does the job of looking very restricting.

Given that Mistress locked it the moment I wore it I've not seen the menus. She assures me that they're very well laid out and very logical and clear -- the speed with which she managed to figure it so it was "just so" in terms of look and restrictions was good evidence of that.

The restrictions themselves are very flexible, which is important to us. Given that we run a shop, and that I'm almost always building and tinkering (something Mistress seldom takes away from me for a significant period of time -- I know I'm in trouble if she does), it's important to her that restrictions in a restraint are sensible and flexible; we've bought far too many that restrict what they restrict and give no option to tweak to taste. The butterfly appears to have all the options you'd want.

And then there's the "morph" aspect of it.... She can have me as a butterfly, in which case I can either hop around stood up, or I can fly. Or she can have me as a caterpillar, in which case all I can do is shuffle around on the ground. Or, as she's decided to leave me for now, she can have it switch between the two automatically (I've not worked out exactly when it does this but it seems to be on a fairly regular timer).

So this is me. Until Friday, apparently. I'll be spending the next few days crawling or flying around the region and other places I need to go. While I'm (thankfully) not denied touch, edit or even far touch I am denied sit-tp so there's no sneaky camming to where I want to be and sitting on a thing to get there. If I want to be somewhere I have to crawl or fly. The gag is locked in place on one of the lower levels of garble and the blindfold hasn't been applied (it's worth nothing that from what I briefly saw of it it's a HUDless blindfold -- always a good thing in my opinion).

Given that that's me all locked for now I guess my main worry for the week is that I don't...

...develop some sort of lightbulb fetish.

PS: Mistress has said that she's so pleased with this purchase that it will be going into the lists in the allowance payment pickers as an item in its own right.