Ever wondered what happens when two subs are sneakily in-world (as in, we were supposed to be doing things in RL but had found moments to sneak away and mess in-world for a short while) and Miss Eve figures this out?

Wonder no more:

Ordered to drop each other into our cells! Anna with a 1.5 hour timer and me with a 2 hour timer (no, I still don't know why I got 2 hours!).

So, the moral of this story is.... never tell Miss Eve what you're up to. Ever.

PS: Yes, Anna was in the middle of trying demo hair on when this happened. :D

VT black and white dance

VT's dance set this week is a rather impressive dance hall. To kick things off Miss Eve was DJing a dance that was themed "Black & White". Quite simple really: wear something black, or white, or both. Now, black I can do without even thinking, black is what I normally wear, so it seemed sensible to go mostly white.

Meanwhile, Mistress has a busy weekend this weekend and that meant she'd be turning up a little later to the dance. As such I got to select my outfit (with her final approval, obviously -- pictures were sent and approval was given), started out dancing on my own (something I haven't done in a long time now) and was then joined by her a little later.

As for what I wore, what got Mistress' approval.... not really that much of a surprise. ;)

Around this time, for reasons only Mistress knows, she saw fit to gag me. And what a gag to use too!

Sadly we had to head home just before the end of the dance, but having been there most for most of it I obviously managed to get plenty of photos of those around us; they can be found over on imgur.


Back to "normal", and the VT "Secrets" dance

The period of enforced nudity, that started a few days ago, has finally come to an end. For the final day Mistress mixed something that, for some reason, made me more self-concious (the boots), with the current "state", plus an ankle chain that gave me a very particular style of work that she seems to love.

Finally though, after around 24 hours like that, it was time for Mistress to remove the restrictions, unlock the cuffs and have me dress for a VT dance.

The dance yesterday was themed as "Secrets". While there was no actual dress code (the theme was for the music choices) I did joke that, perhaps, I should wear my best suit but secretly have some lingerie she likes on under it.

Mistress half agreed.

And so we went dancing.

As well as plenty of photos of us, I obviously took photos of others at the dance. They can be found over on imgur.


Not. Saying. A. Word.

One minute you're hogtied, naked and chained to the floor in your Mistress' office, watching lovingly as she tries on some demos (while, of course, being a little cheeky too). The next you're TPd to your cell (not sure why -- I'm sure it wasn't the "cheeky remarks") but stuck in the door because Mistress kind of forgot to unleash you first.

And then, before you know it, you're sharing your cell with your Mistress!

Apparently the "teleport to" option is rather close to the "offer teleport" option in whatever menu Mistress was using to try and drag me back up the office.

And, of course, because we're a little switchy, she has an active relay too. So I had an unexpected cell mate for an hour or so. *grins*

Quite where Mistress found coffee in my cell is anyone's guess!

In the end though the timer ran out, just in time for our bedtime. I was allowed out of the cell too and got to sleep at the foot of the bed. Mistress was even "kind" enough to change my hogtie to more of a form of tie that has me wriggling worm-like.

While it does make me wonder just how harsher things might get before Wednesday arrives, she was kind enough to give me a pillow to rest my head on. <3


A little harsher

I'm not even sure I can quite remember what I said. It was, I think, some innocent remark, a little bit of fun, a brief moment of cheek intended to amuse Mistress. Whatever it was though, it meant that yesterday's state got a little harsher.

Wriggling around in a hog-tie is very slow; unless Mistress drags me.

I think I might have to be more careful about what I say given it's only Sunday and she's told me I'll remain locked down until Wednesday! O_o


Be careful what you wish for

A couple of days ago I commented how the outfit Mistress had locked me in was, in some way, more blush-inducing than being locked naked. After getting back from yesterday's dance I think Mistress decided to test this idea. Just before we logged off for the night I was ordered to strip, my chastity cage was added and locked, as were nipple rings, and then all ability to change clothing or attachments was removed.

Mistress then announced that, with two exceptions (tonight's Raven Park dance and an errand I need to run tomorrow), I will remain like this until Wednesday evening our time!

It's quite a long time since I've had a lack of outfit enforced like this, for this length of time; already I'm realising that it controls what I can and would normally do around the grid. It makes me more reliant on Mistress.

I like that.

VT wings dance

Now that VT's 8th birthday celebrations are over it was time for a brand new set yesterday, a lovely walled garden. The first dance of the week was themed "Wings". Mistress did have an idea for what I should wear but, luckily for me, we weren't able to find what she had in mind. So, in the end, we went as a black vs white couple. Mistress looked seriously adorable!

As usual I took plenty of photos of everyone else at the dance; they can be found in an album over on imgur.


Enough to make me blush

It's curious to observe how we react to certain things. It's no secret that I enjoy long-term bondage, being "forced" to wear a particular outfit, perhaps even "forced" to remain naked for a period of time (all imposed with a good dose of RLV, of course). I like how it "feel" (mentally) and I also like how it looks on screen.

But, somehow, Mistress has managed to lock me in a combination and in such a way that I'm still rather embarrassed by it.

Naked would have been fine. But there's something about that thong and boot combination that just makes me blush every time I look at myself.

If only that blindfold really fully worked...

Thankfully all it does is make my world a lot darker, and also remove the ability to see names and hovertext and the like -- I'm still working on a long-term project for Z&A that, hopefully, will be finished in the next month. How I am now just makes it a little more awkward, but not impossible.

Mistress really does know how to push the right combination of buttons that have me in a state I like, yet I find deeply uncomfortable.


VT 8th birthday dance

This week is turning into an unusually sociable week for me. The normal Wednesday dance at VT was moved to Tuesday so Mistress and I made a point of going; the reason for the move was that yesterday was VT's actual 8th birthday and so there was a formal masked dance with Miss Eve DJing. Mistress and I obviously went along.

In typical fashion though we went with a slight twist. Mistress decided that she should wear the tux (well, some portion of a tux anyway) and I should wear the ballgown!

As well as Mistress and I, I also took photos of all those around us. You can see these over on imgur.